Popular WordPress themes and plugins for your website ranking

Planning to start a wordpress website and want to know popular wordpress themes and plugin to grow your website ranking. Then I will share with you my valuable experience from which you can quickly improve your website ranking. By downloading the popular wordpress plugin to boost your website.

Website Ranking

website ranking

There are millions of wordpress themes and plugin available on the internet. From them, you can grow your wordpress site or vanish your website from the internet. I telling you this because all themes and plugin are not that secure to use. 

If you’re a beginner, you will face this problem. But dont need to worry about that because I had brought you some popular themes and plugins.

To begging with wordpress, you will need hosting. So for that, I will first tell you one of the best hosting companies which I prefer to you.

Site ground hosting


If you are a beginner and want to purchase hosting, then Site Ground is the popular and the best hosting site. Their prices are little bit high now compared to other hosting websites.

When I started my first website, I purchased it from siteground. And because of this, I am telling you to also to purchase hosting from over here. I had got an incredible experience from over here because customer care service is the best of all.

When you site, get hacks, or any other problem, you can directly contact them, and the problem gets solved in a few minutes. You can quickly build up your website in a few clicks. They provide an SSL certificate as this the most required element to rank on google because now they give preference to SSl certificate only.

Provides an SG optimizer plugin for free, to speed up your website.
SSl certificates verified
Excellent customer services
Build your website in few clicks

I had written a detailed article about other cheap web hosting so get it now if your budget is under $60 to $80.

Ok, so now let’s talk about popular wordpress themes.

Popular WordPress Themes


If you want to start an affiliate marketing, portfolio, blog website, then OceanWP is the famous and best theme to use.

You can quickly build up your website through this theme. This is an SEO friendly theme so you can also get rank by doing an excellent SEO of you posts. You can use excess to elements on this theme and create a fantastic wordpress website.

You can create an affiliate website as there lots of options to play with and create an excellent website.

If your a photography or a graphic designer, you can create your portfolio over here.

Build your own e-commerce websites like Amazon and other top brands. 

You can create your website with Elementor on ocean Wp, which will create a unique site by drag and drop.

Viewers can have a fully responsive on there mobile and tablet with a great view.

Your pages will get a little bit of boast by this WordPress theme.

If you purchase a pro membership, their customer care service is also available.

I am telling you this all because I am also using this OceanWP theme on my all website. The blog which you reading right now is also build up with a theme so you can view its look very well.

So i will not prefer you plenty of wordpress themes as you will get confused which to utilize. And I will prefer this theme only because experience speaks.

Now let’s talk about popular wordpress plugins

To grow a website or to rank it on google, you need to excess to many wordpress plugins. Which you will have to download from wordpress il self.

Wp rocket

wp rocket

To speed up your website, you can download the WP rocket plugin. This plugin will boost up your speed of you websites posts. WP Rocket plugin is compulsory for all the sites. You can access to this plugin in a few clicks and set it up by your self. This will cost you around (30$ to 40$) per website.

Best features of the plugin
You can give a terrific boost to your website in a few clicks.
Setting up is very easy.
You can optimize you website by Page Caching
It reduces the weight of your HTML, javascript, CSS through minification.
Chace loading by this, you can index your website in search engines.
Images and videos compression
A developer-friendly website.

You can use this for the affiliate, as you will be adding lots of images. It will load you images when visitors scroll down. From this, you can really speed up your wordpress website and increase your website ranking.

Yoast Plugin

Yoast Plugin

Want to do seo of your blogs and articles, then you can use this plugin to do your job efficiently. By using this Yoast SEO plugin, you can add meta tags, Title, Description quickly. It also tells how you can write SEO, friendly tags, titles, and descriptions.

Over you can also add Slug for you posts. There are many option to play with. If you use this plugin, you grow your website very quickly.

You can use excess to this plugin in for free also, but you will not get all the features. For that, you will need to purchase their plans.



Do you want to create an e-commerce or blogging website? Without any knowledge of building a website by coding then. You can utilize the Elementor tool to do that for you.

This tool is the most popular tool to build extraordinary websites for a beginner. You just have to drop and edit by this tool. You can create any kind of website by this. As this also have the paid version. But you will get Nemours tools in the free version too. Which are enough to create a unique and extraordinary website in few minutes.

Elementor gives faster performers to you on any kind of them. With you also visual designs too. SO if you are a beginner and want to create a wordpress website, then I especially recommend this plugin to use. This is the most popular page builder on the internet.

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