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The Mandalorian cameo by Christopher Lloyd delighted Back to the Future fans

Who Did Lizzo Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd Play in The Mandalorian 3×06?

excellent Scott The sixth episode of Season 3 of The Mandalorian featured one two or three “Special” guest stars.

While Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) sought to gather and unify Mandalorians from all walks of life she and Din (Pedro Pascla for the most part) were led to Plazir-15 a democratic planet ruled by elected officials played by Jack Black (as Captain Bombardier) and Lizzo (as the Duchess).

Jen Kober a comedian who has been on TV before in Treme and Diary of a Future President as the doctor/technician who aids Bo and Din in solving their droid riddle in another on-camera guest appearance.

Meanwhile Christine Adams (Black Lightning Agents of SHIELD) played Captain Shuggoth a Quarren sought for kidnapping a Mon Calamari prince (voiced by Harry “Toms Younger Brother” Holland) with whom she supposedly had a forbidden Romeo & Juliet-style love affair.

Bo-Katan meets up with her former Mandalorian comrades and picks up the Darksaber in the episode’s climactic scene. Yet Black Lloyd and Lizzo are the episode’s true highlights and it will be tough for The Mandalorian to beat a sequence in which Dewey Finn Doc Brown and the singer of “Truth Hurts” share the screen in the future. Although it’s unlikely this celebrity cameo on The Mandalorian could be the craziest.

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