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Silent Phil and no LIV discussion at the Masters 2023 Champions Dinner

The Phil Mickelson of LIV Golf lost weight along with his massive adoring audience at the Masters

AUGUSTA Georgia — Phil Mickelson grinned broadly as he shook hands with some of the spectators who had been waiting for him at Augusta Nationals first tee. 

It was a completely unremarkable and extremely quiet manner for the 52-year-old Mickelson to begin his Masters but thats precisely what made it so memorable. 

Fans were waiting up around the ninth fairway only a few feet away in anticipation of that guy — Tiger Woods

of course — going through just after Mickelsons round had underway which was an amazing coincidence of time. 

When the two most well-known athletes in the sport crossed paths on Thursday at the Masters

it would have resulted in a traffic gridlock. However just one of them is as popular now as they once were.

Even on a day when he put up a 71-hole roller coaster performance that featured three missed eagle putts it just wasnt your normal Mickelson gallery.

Mickelson stated “I was truly relishing it and grateful for the chance to be here. Im thankful for the chance to play compete

and be a part of it since there was a lot of chatter about guys not being able to be here a year ago.

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