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Several questions that might drastically change the Dallas Mavericks franchise officially begin with the seasons finale

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CUBAN grinned broadly on February 8 as he stood in the Arena hallway outside the visitors dressing room. When Irving made his NBA debut with the Dallas Mavericks against the Los Angeles Clippers the Mavericks were the buzz of the league—at least they were until the news of Durants trade to the Phoenix Suns emerged shortly after.

Since Doncics rookie season when the team made its first significant move on the Porzingis trade, Dallas has been frantically looking for a co-star to match with the young superstar. Irving an eight-time All-Star with the game-winning jumper in the NBA Finals Game 7 to his credit most definitely fit the bill.

We’ve got those Bird rights” Cuban remarked before chuckling and remembering that he had previously said the same thing about Jalen Brunson Doncics former sidekick after the latter had been instrumental in Dallas unexpected run to the Western Conference finals.

“I anticipate the topic youll bring up!” Castro stated. But I believe there are distinct variables at play.

They are also the subject of some contention with Cuban making a point on Wednesday to publicly deny Brunson’s father Rick’s year-old claim that the Mavericks were informed in the first week of January 2022 that the guard would sign the four-year fifty-six million-dollar extension that he was eligible for if it was put on the line at the time.

Those Bird rights turned out to be unimportant. Cuban now alleges that they never had a chance to stop Brunson from moving to New York to be with his father and the Knicks president Leon Rose who is also his godfather and a former agent.

Cuban said on Wednesday that his team was unaware of the proposal. The number was never provided to us. Even if I would have paid it right away knowing the amounts today he wouldn’t have shown up. There is simply no possibility that it could have been a financial issue.

Doncic shook his head and replied “A lot” gritting his teeth into an agonized grimace. fantastic player and a fantastic man for sure.

Early in the season when he was performing at an MVP-caliber level while juggling a historically high workload Doncic had become frustrated with the Mavs lackluster play.

Kidd and Doncic were adamant about getting the transaction done. It was accomplished by Cuban and Harrison.

A few days later Harrison declared “I don’t see any risk at all.” I can genuinely see the danger of not taking action.

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