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Nashville School Shooting At A Christian School Results In The Deaths Of 3 Children And 3 Adults

Authorities in Nashville said that a shooting at a private Christian school resulted in the deaths of three children and three adults.

Nashville-based Covenant School a private Christian institution was the scene of the incident. Don Aaron a spokesman for Nashville police told a press conference on Monday that the three dead children were pupils and the three dead adults were employees.

He said that the shooting occurred in a “lobby-type space” at an upper section of the school and that the gunman had two assault-style rifles and at least one handgun. At 10:27 a.m. the gunman had passed away he added.

The parents of the murdered youngsters have been contacted according to Nashville Police Chief John Drake. I wont specify the kids ages right now but I will say that seeing this and watching them leave the building brought tears to his eyes he added.

Aaron stated that he was not aware of any further shooting victims who had suffered bullet wounds. A responding cop according to him suffered a glass-cut wound.

The Covenant School which serves children in preschool through sixth grade is a private school connected to the Covenant Presbyterian Church according to its website. According to Aaron the school typically has 42 staff members and 209 pupils enrolled.

Nashville according to Mayor John Cooper has joined the “dreaded lengthy list” of towns and communities that have seen school shootings.

It was “an unbelievable tragedy for the victims all the students families instructors staff and my whole town” Tennessee state representative Bob Freeman said. His district includes the school. I frequently drive by Covenant because I live nearby. There are friends of mine who go to both the church and the school. I had already gone to the church. Seeing this breaks my heart according to WPLN.

Joe Biden On Nashville School Shooting

A familys greatest nightmare according to President Biden the massacre in Nashville was “sick” and “heartbreaking.”

“To end gun violence more has to be done. It is tearing our communities apart and our countrys fundamental soul apart “In the White House he remarked.

128 mass shootings have occurred in the United States this year according to the national Gun Violence Archive.

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