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Best Ways To monetize Your Blog

Do you have a blog or website and want to make money from it. Then over here, get some best ways to monetize a blog. Over here, we had added some best ways to use and monetize your blog and make massive amounts from it quickly.

Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing a blog will be very easy for you by our guide. I am personally using these monetization methods to make money online. So I will be adding those ways only, which will be best for beginners to monetize their sites quickly.

And start earning from it a high amount. You will just need some traffic to earn and have to write seo optimized blog for it. So you can engage your audience and make money from it.

One of the best ways to monetize your blog. Over here, you will get an affiliate product to promote on your blog. CJ affiliate has much product which pays the high commission. You will have to write an article about those products and then apply it to CJ affiliates.

You will quickly get approval from them. After that, use their affiliate material and monetize that post easily. When everyone buys or use any subscription of that product, you will get a small commission from it.

The commission range are from $20 to more than $100 for one sale. Suppose the product has any subscription payments. Then you will receive an affiliate commission again when the person renewed the product.

So this the reason you should always use an affiliate first instead of any ad network to make a huge amount from small traffic. I am personally using CJ affiliate on my many blogs. So it would be helpful if you also worked with this excellent affiliate network.

How to signup for CJ affiliate,

  • First, visit the CJ affiliate’s official site.
  • Then you will have to signup with a CJ affiliate.
  • Over here, you will have to fill out your form as a publisher.
  • Then you will get an email confirmation mail.
  • After this, you will have to fill more five forms in which you will have to fill out all the information and the traffic sources.
  • After this, the verification is completed.
  • Then you will be redirected to the affiliate dashboard.
  • You should go to the marketplace to find your product.
  • Then accept their terms and conditions. After getting approval from the product owner, you will get all the affiliate material to promote it.

So this is a straightforward process. Just add the product information on your blog. It will be easy for you to get affiliate approval.

Over here on CJ affiliate only, you can manage all the top affiliate products on a single account, which is excellent for a beginner. So start earning now.

One another best affiliate network to join and make money online. Over here on digistore24, you can quickly start earning from some best affiliate product which pays commission more than $40 to $250 for a single sale.

If you write a detailed article on those products and convey to your audience to purchase them, you will be effortless to get their commission.

So start working with Digistore24, plus the best part is. When someone visits the product by your link and purchases it, later on, you also get the commission paid as digistore24 keeps 180 days cookies, which is the best part for a new beginner.

I am personally using this exceptional affiliate program and earning a good commission from it. Because over here I don’t need to write many articles. Just have to publish the article as per the product and start promoting them. As they also don’t require any approval.

How to get started on Digistore24?

  • Over here, you will just have to visit the digistore24 official site.
  • Then you will have to signup as a vendor or affiliate if you want to keep them both.
  • Then you will have to fill the complete form.
  • After this, confirm your email and login into the dashboard.
  • When you are on the affiliate dashboard, you will see a Marketplace section in the top right corner.
  • When you visit the marketplace, you will get all the products, see their commission rates and get the affiliate links and material easily.

So see its very easy to signup and create an account on digistore24. Over here, try to work on that product with a high cart conversation rate and low cancellation rate.

Plus, the product should also be old more than 25 weeks old. Only see the cancellation and cart conversation rate as this product is purchased easily and are not canceled in the buyer’s feature.

One of the most famous and best affiliate networks for beginners wants to start a blog and sell any electronic product or any daily use product on their blog.

This affiliate network can be very useful for that blog. You can easily get started and monetize your blog through this affiliate network and make money from it over here. I had personally used this affiliate network for one of the clothing sites Where I use to add amazon’s affiliate product.

Then I use to earn a small commission from those products quickly. I personally recommended this network for a beginner. Just once, go through their terms and condition so you can easily start working with them. The account creating process is straightforward.

How to create an account on amazon affiliate,

    • Visit the amazon affiliate website.
    • Click on signup; then, you will have to fill out the application.
    • Then add the link of the platforms on which you will be promoting this product.
    • Then accept their terms and condition and login to the official amazon sites.
    • Over here, find the product which you want to promote then you will get the affiliate link and banner on the top left corner.


These were some ways to monetize a blog with an affiliate network. As i think this are best because over here, you don’t need any massive traffic. Just set up your affiliate blog correctly.

Then add the affiliate link and start getting traffic from some free sources first, as it will be hard to hit organic traffic in just one month. And start making money from your blog by monetizing it properly.

One of the best and popular ads network to monetize your blog. Suppose you want to run ads and make money only. This is one of the best ad networks to work with. Because its easy to get approved over here. I am personally using this ad network and making money from my different blogs.

Over here, the process of getting approval is very easy, which I will be explaining in a while. But over here, the earning potential is a little bit low as you will need good traffic to make money from Google Ads.

But if you are a beginner, then only go with this ad network, or if you are having traffic of more than 50,000 a month, then there are many ads network with which you can work and make a huge amount online.

How to get approval on Adsense

  • First, your blog should have main pages like privacy policy, contact us, about us page in the footer.
  • Then you should add atleast 20 to 25 lengthy blog.
  • Your website design should be clean, and there should be places to add the ad properly.

So its a very easy process to get Adsense approval. Suppose you face any problem getting approval on the first attempt. Then you should add five more blogs, which should be lengthy of more than 5,000 words. And then again, try once for the approval.

This is also one of the best ad networks for those who are having more than 10,000 visitors on their blog. Over here, you can earn more than Adsense easily.

Ezoic is one of the best ad networks because they place ads in the clickable place. So your ad revenue will easily increase. They have their own automated intelligence to place the ads in the right place.

If your blog has more than 10,000 visitors monthly, then apply for this ad network. They have a free and paid plan which you can use. If you are a beginner, go with their free plan. Afterward, you can upgrade to their paid plan easily.

How to use the Ezoic ad network

  • So over here, you will first require 10,000 visitors on your blog.
  • Then your content should be original.
  • Your sites should not be banned from Adsense before.
  • There should also be organic traffic on your blog.

These were some best ad networks that you can use and monetize a blog quickly. And start making money from it. Many ads networks like Mediavine, which pays more amount than this ads network, just your traffic should be more than 50,000, and mostly it should come from the USA. So grow your traffic and start using the top ads network.

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  1. I was very confused about blogging and dropped my interest from it long time ago. Now it seems that I can also be a part of it and make money easily. So thank you for your guidence and valiable information about the monetization and affiliate marketing.

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