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La Liga Thinks Messi Will Return To Barcelona With Romero

In a significant admission, Gerard Romero says La Liga thinks Lionel Messi has already decided to return to Barcelona during the summer transfer window.

However La Liga authorities are of the opinion that Messi has already decided to return to Barcelona two years after being forced to quit the team owing to dire financial circumstances.

La Liga Thinks Messi Will Return To Barcelona With Romero

This is undoubtedly a significant milestone in Barcelonas search for Messi. The Blaugrana were unable to extend the contract of the Argentina captain therefore they were obliged to split ways with him in 2021.

Several Barça players including manager Xavi Hernandez have publicly expressed their desire to welcome Messi back to the team the next summer. The idea of a comeback has also been suggested by President Joan Laporta.

Everything will depend on La Ligas approval of the economic strategy the Blaugrana proposes. However a return may soon be possible given that the league is reportedly already working on photos of his comeback.

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The home outfit had a little altered pattern with dark blue sleeves and collar and tiny vertical stripes of three repeating colors.

For the 2023–24 season it appears like Nike is making a tiny change. The shirt will return to its traditional two-tone colors of red and blue this season rather than the three according to sources who spoke with Barça Universal.

Additionally it has five strong stripes instead of several small ones with red flowing across the Nike and Barcelona crests and three blue stripes one of which is in the middle. It is anticipated that the Spotify logo would be white in color.

According to rumors the uniform will also have a diamond over the club emblem as a nod to the Barcelona womens squad Barça Femeni. The jerseys diamond mosaic also stands for the same things.


Regarding Lionel Messi’s likely return to Barcelona much has been stated. Although Robert Lewandowski and Joan Laporta both expressed a desire to play alongside the Argentine the forward himself is actually unsure of what the future holds.

What comes next is unknown to me. What my future holds” said the current Paris-Saint-Germain striker in an advertisement for Louis Vuitton.

“I like to daydream and consider potential scenarios but I have no idea what the future holds for me. It will be whatever God wants it to be he continued.

But over the past several weeks Messis relationship with PSG supporters has deteriorated to the point that he is now being jeered by the supporters of the team. The whole Parc des Princes whistled him even the year before when PSG was defeated by Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League.

Right now the whole Barcelona locker room is ecstatic about his comeback and the supporters share this enthusiasm. Messis arrival might become a viable possibility once the Blaugrana are able to get their finances back on track.

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