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Know-How SEO Is Done And Site Authority Is Increased So You Can Rank On Google Easily

If you want to know how SEO is done to rank your website on Google’s first page, then stay tuned. Today we will be going through remarkable best search engine optimization techniques, and we will likewise know how to increase your site authority in 2021.

how seo is done

So basically, seo is most important in 2021 to rank on google. If you don’t hold any knowledge, then you will not succeed in this field. Therefore we will highly recommend you learn first search engine optimization for more beneficial features in this field.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a process that is done to rank your websites in the search engine without any investment. You have to optimize your site to rank for any search engine for free.

what is seo

You will have to learn some strategy and technique to do search engine optimization, for that now we are going to know how SEO is done in 2021.

To rank on google first page, you should work on these points.

  • Find Low Competition Keywords
  • Write SEO, optimized Blogs.
  • Make your site load faster
  • Learn SEO
  • Increase your Site authority by backlinks
  • Get traffic from social accounts

If you work on these points, then only you can easily rank on google first page. This are the most useful strategy to list a new website on google.

rank on google first page

Finding a Low Competition Keywords

If you require your blog to be ranked in a few months only, then you should start working on those keywords which have low competition.

keyword researching tool

For that, you can use various keyword researching tools to discover low competition keywords nowadays. Like there are free and paid tools also. I will recommend each one of them.

Paid tools - Ahrefs

One of the most beneficial digital marketing tools to find keywords, backlinks, and know your competitor’s strategy by this ahrefs tool. You can discover those keywords on which your competitors is ranking and rank higher than him easily by providing more valuable content.


As this is a paid tools, you will require some amount to pay for it. But if you want to use these tools at a very cheap rate, then visit over here. Best cheap SEO tolls 

ahrefs tools

Since ahrefs is very trusted tools by every digital marketer. As it keeps on updating their searches, which is excellent. Plus, you get all genuine results from ahrefs tools quickly.

Free Tool- Ubersuggest

This is additionally the best digital marketing tools to find out low competition keywords from this tool; you can also audit your site for free. Ubersuggest is also a top growing tool in 2021. You get all the excellent results from these tools.


You can easily find out the backlinks of your competitors. Plus, know your site authority and get backlinks also according to there DA easily. 


Ubersuggest is also the best option if you don’t have an investment to do in the beginning. Plus, many are using these tools to get low competition keywords to rank in the beginning. 

ubersuggest tolls

So this was the best two keyword researching tools to get low competition keywords quickly with accurate results. 

Know understand how to find low competition keyword

So for that, you have to work on those keywords which have low competition, means low KD like from ( 0 to 5 ) is okay to work by these keywords on new blogs. There are fewer blogs on these low competition keywords, and your chances are higher to rank.

ahrefs low KD keywords

It would help if you also worked on long-tail keywords as it will help you to rank quickly in 2 to 3 months. As many prominent bloggers don’t work on those keywords.

Write SEO, Optimized Blogs.

Now, let’s know how to write an SEO optimized blog to get rank on Google or any other search engines quickly.

write a blog

If you require to get ranked higher, you should know about it. Otherwise, all your hard work will go to waste. 

ahrefs low KD keywords

First, I always find a low competition keyword to get ranked fast. 

Then we have to use that specific keyword in the title, slug, and description. Which is the most important thing to tell the search engine what exactly is the post about.

best seo title

After that, your keyword should be visible in the first 150 words, which is likewise the essential key in SEO.

use keywords in your blog

It would be best if you used atleast six to eight times that specific keywords in the blogs. So you can easily rank for that keyword.

google search related

Now you have to use those keywords in the blog, which are auto-suggested in the google search, which are the related keywords of the primary targeting keywords. 

If I require to write a post about how seo is done, then I will search for that keyword and use the suggested words.

It would help if you additionally use the suggested words appearing downside on the google.

google related words

Always use a Grammarly tool to write a blog as it is the best and cheap tools out there from which you can write a seo optimized blog quickly.


By this, your grammar will improve, and your mistakes will also get enhanced through it. So I highly recommend these tools while writing a blog as google doesn’t like any error in the blog.

grammerly tolls

You can additionally use its free version as it is even best to write a blog through it. Plus, they also provide chrome extensions for free to use. So try out these fantastic Grammarly tools once while writing a seo contents blog.

Make your site load faster

Now let’s know how SEO is done to make your site load faster. If you want to get your blogs rank, your website should also load more quickly. Since Google loves the sites which load faster, so their users don’t bounce back.

sg optimizer
total cache
wp rocket
wp optimize

For that, you should use some plugins to load your website faster. There exist several plugins on the internet, which can do this work for you.

Page Speed
Load Time

But some are paid and also free to use. It depends upon you which you want to use. You can choose from our suggestion if you wish.

Paid - Wp rocket

One of the best plugin to load your site faster then ever by this you can quickly decrease your load time and make your site load more rapidly in less than 2 to 3 seconds.

wp rocket

But this is a paid version so you will have to pay some amount for it to optimize your website for google search engine.

Free Plugin

So there are plenty of free plugins which you can use and optimize your website. But you can use them By trying one by one on your website.

Lazy Load

One of the best plugin to optimize your image by this your pictures will load when it gets scrolled by the users.

lazy load

By this, your page size will decrease, and website blog will start loading at high speed quickly.

WP Optimized

This is likewise the best plugin to optimize your page speed. By this, you will quickly clear your cache and optimize your images.

wp optimize

This plugin further has many more features which you can use to speed up your website. This plugin will help you to increase your page speed by 20 % to 40%.

W3 total cache

By this free plugin, you can quickly get your site cache and optimized easily. You can set up this plugin according to your website and make your website cache clear it.

total cache

This is also a recommended plugin for a wordpress website.

SG Optimizer

This is one of the top notched plugins to boost up your website speed as it works similar to the wp rocket plugin. Plus its a free plugin to use.

sg optimizer

But this plugin is only available for Site ground hosting users, which allows them to use this plugin for free of cost-efficiently.

So if you require this fantastic plugin for free, start using Site ground hosting now. It is also the best hosting worldwide and provides many features at your budget quickly. 

Sine this are some best plugin to optimize your page speed easily. So now you must have known how SEO is done to optimize your website speed.

Learn SEO

Now you should learn about SEO deeper as if you want to know how seo is done deeper, then you should stay updated.

what is seo

As Google keeps on updating its algorithm, so you should likewise stay updated with google nowadays since this will help you to make a change according to the Google updates.

google updates

For that, you can visit google webmaster where you will find all those updates since google updates keep coming on and on.

Plus it would be best if you also learned off-page SEO and on-page SEO which is likewise an essential factor as we all know.

Therefore learn new tricks and stay update on google webmaster. So you can improve your SEO, strategy to rank higher.

Increase your Site authority by backlinks

Site authority one of the essential keys to rank your website on any search engine. As by this, you can quickly gain the trust of Google and rank your blogs.

Domain Rating
URL Rating

So let’s know how seo is done to increase our site authority. For that, we will need to build powerful backlinks from which our website can rank easily on google or any search engine.

What is backlinks

Backlinks will provide your site with an authority which will help your website to rank. When you get a linked from a high DA, PA sites, it creates a trust in google. So google gain the assurance that you’re having a valuable information by that you will get ranked. As it additionally delivers traffic to your website by the backlinks process.


But wait, its not easy to get high DA PA backlinks why a Higher DA PA website will be brought to link you. 

But wait, its not easy to get high DA PA backlinks why a Higher DA PA website will be brought to link you. So over here it would be best if you likewise offered then something in return of it. Like you can write a blog for them which will be additionally helpful for them. As its a guest post system which multiple prominent bloggers use.

contact finding

You can easily find their Gmail id in there contact page and mail them to link back to you. But you will not get the result quickly as this is the most important factor where you have to put your 100 % hard work. 

Learn some new technique to get back linked from YouTube quickly. As you will get a piece of detailed information. 

But we additionally have a technique which helps us to get backlinks. 

So visit Google and search for your targeted keywords.

⦁ Then click on the tools button.
⦁ Select for the past week option.

backlink trick

From this, you will get a list of the blogs related to your niche, and you can ask them for blogs as there are higher chance of those to link back to you.

Use free Hunter tools to find their email address easily. So you can mail them.

backlink finding

Just remember you also have to offer them something in return of it as its a best and free option. 

Get traffic from social accounts

One of the best option to rank your website. As if you start getting traffic from social accounts. You will also see some results on your sites.

social media traffic

Like you have to create group, pages or account according to the niche and publish you blog links over there so you can get traffic from it.

I will prefer you some best social traffic option to rank your sites.


One of the best and top-notched option to get traffic from a social account. As by this you will gain valuable traffic. So your blogs can get fastly ranked.


Like you have to post a piece of short information, and your link in a post moreover use some best hashtag. By this, you will get decent traffic on your website quickly. Just provide a piece of proper information and hashtag to get valuable traffic.


This is the best social media application to get international traffic to your sites as this will deliver significant traffic to your website for more extended periods.

pintrest seo

Since this is a free app, plus you can also create a business account and grow over there.

As you must have, seen, many images are ranked on Google by Pinterest. Which is the best part, which will be delivering you magnificent traffic?


You just over here have to do research on the hashtag and use it plus some ranking keywords. So your images also can get easily ranked.

pintrest images

I use this Pinterest app to rank by images, so it delivers me traffic on my blogs also.

Since there are additionally many applications like Instagram and Facebook, which, you can use to get traffic to your website. But I highly use this two application to get traffic on my sites.

You can additionally use some of this application too.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook ( group and pages )
  • Instagram ( depending upon your niche )

So use this application and grow your blog. Just remember you will require time as it will not get ranked and you will see results in weeks.

You have to work for a more extended period on Facebook, Instagram. Therefore I use Linkedin and Pinterest more.

Use answering sites to get traffic

If you want to get massive traffic on your site so the search engine can notice your sites then. Use some best answering sites for it. I will be suggesting to you some best websites which I use to get traffic on my blogs.


One of the most beneficial option to get traffic by an answering site. As by this you can write an answer on several topics and link back to you. As those links, while be NO follow the link but it are also worth it.


I use Quora to get massive traffic on my sites. If your site is new, then you should use this application.


Yahoo also provides an option to answer questions and get traffic from it. You can respond to the item which are related to your niche and get traffic from it quickly.


By this, you can quickly get 100 to 200 users on your sites. Plus which will likewise not create a bounce rate as if you have answered according to your niche.

Therefore you should use this answering sites to get traffic on your blogs, Which will be helpful for a new blogger to grow rapidly. Plus this all suggested option are free to use without any investment.

Follow earn money seo for more updates.


Search Engines are a great option if you want to grow your business for free without any investment. By this, you will not have to run ads, do an SEO on your website and start gaining profit from it easily.

You can start to optimize your blog post and website first. As its best and fastest way as you have to do some changes and use some tricks to optimize your site’s blog.
You can likewise use some tolls for that to do your work easier.

So you can quickly know how seo is done in 2021 by this blog as I had suggested some best ways to optimize your blog. You should focus on your seo if you want to rank on the search engine.

If you want to gain the visibility of the search engines, then you should start working on backlinks and work to increase traffic from social accounts to rank quickly. So by this search engine will notice that you have valuable content in your website. And start ranking you on the first page.

You should always keep content a primary factor while optimizing for a website nowadays. By this, you can quickly start ranking on the search engine. 

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