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How To Use Quora For Free Traffic

If you want to get free traffic to your new blog or any website then Quora is one of the best ways to drive huge traffic easily for free without any investment. Plus this is the best and popular platform to learn anything easily. Over here you will be getting all your queries solved with many options quickly.

So today we are going to learn all about Quora and how to use Quora to get huge traffic to our website is detailed. 

How to use quora

By our methods, you can easily earn $5 to $25 per day by Quora. If your website is monetized. As we also earn by free traffic smoothly with our new blog without doing a detailed SEO on our website. You will also not need to write any answer from our methods. Still, We will be seeing both ways for you.


Since over here you will not need any huge knowledge to use the quora site as it is very easy and free to use for anyone. Just over here, you will have to remember that you don’t have to do any spamming activities or your quora account may get blocked.

Let get started,

  • Open the Quora account.
  • Sign up by email or Facebook.
  • Add your name and profile image.
  • Setup your description and mention all the about you. 

After creating an account and setting it up. Now you will have to start the process to drive traffic to your blog or any product. So for that, there are many options on Quora which you can use and drive traffic easily.

Quora traffic methods,

  1. Quora answers
  2. Quora Spaces
  3. Quora shares

So by these three methods, you can get huge traffic on your new blog or site easily. So today we are going to see these three methods over here in detail. 

One of the best ways to drive traffic for longer periods by Quora. Over here you will have to just do a little bit of hard work and write detailed answers to get traffic. As you can find numerous questions related to your topic and answer them.

Some of them likewise rank in google and many search engines. It will be the best option for you to get huge traffic from here to your blog for a longer period of time.


How to write a detailed answer to convert them into clicks. 

To get more click on your blog you will have to write answers accurately and add your link in the right places. Which many users do mistakes over here and their answers get removed by Quora. 

  1. Start with a headline, an eye-catching headline.
  2. Then add up a short paragraph of 100 words. 
  3. Use an image that tells about your answers properly. 
  4. Then add up some points and some blog words. Which will be help full for your readers. 
  5. Then for the links make some short paragraphs about that answers query in the end and add up your link. 

Just remember to add some first related query and to drive them to your sites. You will have to first provide some knowledgeable answers in Quora. Then if they like your answer they will be queries to read more about it, so they can visit your site easily by that link.


Use tools to write answers.

Over here if you don’t want to write any answer on your own then you can use some free tools. With these tools, you can also write answers and drive huge traffic.


Article spinning tools.

By any article spinning tools, you can easily write a detailed answer by copying it from others’ blogs and spinning them by your creative mind and answering it on Quora. As I had done this and got many answers ranked on Quora easily. 

Just do some creative like, 

    1. First, make answers by at least 5 different blogs for that particular question. 
    2. Then spine it with any article spinning tools. 
    3. Don’t just copy a complete blog. 
    4. Add up a short paragraph of your own in the end to link them on your own. 

By this, you can easily generate many detailed answers and get free traffic for your blog. 

Use voice to text converting apps. 

As there are many free apps that you can use and convert words or video audio into text format. As there are many free websites and applications available on the internet. This is the best way to write an answer for Quora in minutes. 

After converting a voice into text you can do all the edit by the Grammarly free version and add up any words or any other points which you have missed out easily. 

Free applications, 

  1. Otter ( Smartphone Apps)
  2. Google docs

So these are the methods to write answers on quora. It’s on you how you want to write and generate clicks for your blog. As by this you will be getting traffic for a long time easily. Just use your creativity and write or spine the answers.


One of the best ways to get huge traffic also and to make money online by Quora easily. As now you can earn by Quora space. So let us know all the steps which can be used to get free traffic on our sites.

Over here you can create your free Quora space and then promote all your links or join other Quora spaces as a contributor or moderators.

How to create spaces, 

  1. First, create a Quora space as per your topics.
  2. Then enter all the details. 
  3. After that set up a profile pic. 
  4. After reaching a certain number of followers you can add your username and spaces thumbnail. 

After creating a space you can share any other’s answers or blog on your spaces and gain followers. Or the best way to gain huge Followers on Quora spaces is to add more than 50 plus questions per day on your Quora spaces. 

As by this you can gain a huge number of followers on your Quora spaces. As I had also gained more than 2000 plus followers by adding more questions related to my topic on by Quora spaces in a month. 

You can also earn $10 by Quora easily by your Quora spaces. It little bit hard to earn that $10 as you will be needing more followers for that which can spend a certain amount of time on your space. 

Since by this you can easily drive many clicks to your blog or website. As I also get more than 400 plus clicks on my blog link by Quora only.


So how do I do this, 

  1. Just I paste a short 2 to 3 paragraphs of my blog and add images. 
  2. After that, I add up a ( keep reading ) tag.
  3. Then add my link. 

By this, I get many clicks on my website where their complete quires get solved easily.
As this very easy you have to just do copy and paste over there on Quora.

So this is the best way to get huge traffic to your blog as over here you will just have to make shares and drive traffic on daily basis. Which lasts for at least a week. So this is a very easy method for everyone.

Over here as you will have to be a contributor or moderator of many spaces that have more than 10,000 followers which can drive huge traffic to sites.

You can also share any random spaces on Quora. But it is not directly accepted as first the admin looks at the post which you share then only he passes it if he feels.

To be a contributor or moderator of any spaces,

Write a message – Hi there, I am a blogger and want to contribute some useful posts for your spaces which can be helpful for your readers.

As I mostly send them this message and some accept me where some don’t. So you can also give it a try.

How to shares, 

  1. First, click on the spaces.
  2. Then click on the write post. 
  3. Then copy a short paragraph of 4 to 5 lines and images. 
  4. Then in the end add a keep reading tag and your link. 

That’s it’s as i also do this every day on at least 10 to 12 Quora spaces per hour. Which takes me just 5 to 10 min and make daily $5 to $20 easily.


Since these are some best ways to use Quora for driving traffic as everyone uses this for this reason only. Just make many accounts on Quora to get more traffic


Extra pots, 

  1. Make at least 5 accounts.
  2. First write at least 10 Quora answers by spinning as you want, before applying for Quora spaces. 
  3. Then share as much as you can. 
  4. Add some eye-catching mages in the shares. 
  5. In an hour share at least on 12 spaces. 

By this, you can make money by Quora traffic easily. As we additionally do this only and make money only. And all the earning is depended on your monetization methods. And the CPC which you will be getting by your networks.


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