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How To Start A Blog In 2022

If you want to know how to start a blog online quickly on a low budget. Then get some useful information by which you can soon begin your blog.

By this, you can begin without purchasing any courses online.

We will know all the factor which we require to start an SEO optimized blog. So you can start getting results.

Blogging takes time to get the results, so that we will be just reducing the time factor by learning in detail.

how to start a blog

I am personally doing blogging for a longer time. But I was not able to make any amount.

So I had to go through several blogs and videos, which were available for free online.

As we all know, you can not get some useful and detailed tricks to make money online in one place for free.

So I had to learn that platform and use it properly to generate some amount from it.

You must also be familiar with that platform but don’t know how to use them properly as per their guidelines.

So I will be adding some of those points too, for free.

Now you have to pick a subject to provide detailed information, and you can write some informative blogs.

This is one of the critical factors. If you start a website on your own in those niches, which are popular, but you don’t have any ideas.

You can fail in blogging, and it will be a waste of time for you.


First, choose a niche, then start blogging on it as you will need to produce content.

Since you will require information on it, start with those that must be your hobby, or don’t get bored sharing that topic with your friends and family.


But wait, if you want to start blogging like a business.

Then there are several other elements that you should also look into in a niche to convert blogging into a full-time business and earn a passive income from it.

Yes, it will take time. But if you start learning to blog and invest your time.

Then it won’t be hard for you to get results in less than two to three months. Yeah, you can get results quickly.

You need that knowledge and should know the monetization methods with little traffic on your blog, which we will discuss later after picking a profitable niche.

Potential of your audience purchase

Credit – Digital AP Guide

As you can see, the potential of the audience purchase as per the niche.

So if you want to start a blog in these niches, you can earn more than $2000 per month.

Because over here, you can earn from many recourses like affiliate products or with any of your course or ebooks easily.

Since in these niches many users are interested to learn new ideas and faster.

Find the competition in that niche – Before starting a blog on any topic, you should find its competition so it can help you grow your blog faster.

If there is higher competition, then you will have to work hard.

Over here, search in any SEO tools for that particular niche’s keyword and see the competition rates, which you can easily do with Semrush as they provide a 7-day free trial.

First look at the potential of audience purchase – By this, you will know in which price range are the product sold most online.

So you can get an idea about the niche earning potential for you.

Affiliate marketing potential  You should look for many affiliate programs that come under that niches.

So it can be easy for you to join them and know what the commission rates provided are.

Affiliate marketing is one of the trending monetization methods if you want to earn like those pros and gurus.


So you should see these elements while picking a niche so you can start earning quickly from your blog.

Then you will also need to write SEO optimized blog on these topics.

  • First, you will be needing hosting to start your website where you can store your data.

From these two best hosting get your first Domain for free…
You can also easily purchase their long-term hosting service at a cheap rate…

I had used these two web hosting, and both are the best in all terms. Just some of the prices are high, and some are low.

You can also purchase web hosting from our suggested company. 

Best web hosting should be used to start an online blog as you will need a fast hosting provider, which provides various necessary features in your budget.

Like SSL certificates are the essential factors nowadays to rank.

Over here, on both web hosting company you will get the first domain for free.

But while choosing your domain, you should keep this in mind.

Choose your personal domain name – If you choose a personal domain according to your name, then in feature, you can also add up content on any other topic that can easily combine with your blog.

Domain with a specific topic – If you require to start a blog on any particular topic like us, then you can pick a domain name as per the topic keywords.

This is also a best practice, but you should have that knowledge to provide your reader the quality.

If you don’t have any budget and want to start a blog.

Then get the Hostinger Single Hosting Plan which will cost you $50 for four years, which is excellent.

Just you will have to get a domain that will cost you slightly less than $2 from Godaddy.

After getting the best website hosting in your budget. Get your domain then make a website with help of WordPress. Then set up it on your own, it’s very easy if you don’t know you can check it on youtube also.

Now we will have to use some theme and plugin to set up our blog. So there are many free and paid option available in the market.

So let’s see some of the useful plugins and themes for our blog.

Generatepress– One of the best themes which is available for free and paid methods also.

You can easily use the free theme on your blog. I had personally used the free theme first.

I am now using their paid theme, a very cheap and fast loading theme recommended by the pro blogger.

Yoast Plugin Or Rank Math – These two plugins are best. You can install any one of them.

This is used for SEO, so you can write your meta title, description, and permalink over here.

See your blog SEO easily, and many other features are included. An SEO plugin is essential in your blog.

Wp Rocket – One of the best plugins to speed up your website. So it can load faster.

Google recommended those websites which load in less than 2 seconds. So this plugin can be beneficial for you.

Elementor – One of the best plugins to design your homepage and blog posts easily.

This is one of the recommended plugins to design all your blog posts by just a drag and drop process.

Google Kit – One of the useful plugin to track your Google Analytics dashboard and Google search console dashboard just on your WordPress dashboard and see your performance and growth.

Now you will have to write powerful content to rank your blog in any search engine. You will need some best tools to write a blog that can be helpful for you.

One of the best content writing tools is Grammarly, which is also available for the free and paid version.

Since this will help you a lot to generate powerful content. Like it shows all the mistakes, engagement, punctuations, misplaced words, and many more things. 

The free version is also enough. But the paid is best as you can purchase it later on if you have some extra budget. 

I started with the free Grammarly tools and now moved to paid on to write my blogs easily.

Over here, it would be best if you wrote a lengthy article that should solve the queries of the readers.

Always try to write at least 2000 to 2500 words articles. If you can write more than that consisting of 5000 words, it would be more helpful for you.

In the articles, add some unique words. Add numerous images and videos if you can.

Nowadays, many bloggers add up their infographics, which are trending nowadays, so you can also add that.

You can easily create it on Canva. And add the alt text in the images.

One of the critical factors. If you know how to do SEO, it will be easy for you to rank your blog on google’s first page.

So this is one of the critical factors. Learn SEO and start to rank higher on any search engine.

Read in detail….

One of the best email marketing tools if you require to start email marketing on your blog.

This tools is best as it provided a 1,000 subscribers free limit. When you reach the 1,000 subscriber, you will have to purchase there-paid plan.

But if you are a beginner and just starting a blog. Then this free plan is also enough.

Over here, you can store your email from the reader and then later send them your blog updates or sell them any product of your or affiliate products quickly.

To make money online from a blog, you need to monetize your blog. Several methods are used to monetize a blog.

So let’s see the best two ways to earn from your blog easily.


One of the popular methods nowadays.

By affiliate, you can easily earn a fair amount from low traffic if they are converting visitors to your blogs.

As this is now growing day by day.

Many big affiliate companies are coming into the market from where you can earn money online.

how affiliate works

The best affiliate marketing company are

  1. Clickbank
  2. Digistore24
  3. Amazon affiliate

By advertisement

You can easily run advertisements and make money online.

There are many popular advertisements networks which you can join and make money from it.

I use AdSense to make money online. This is one of the best and popular methods online. So you can also start using it now.

After monetizing your blog you need the traffic to make money online and to drive free visitors to your blog.

So for that, you can use the social media platform to get free traffic on your blog.

Here are many social sites that you can use and drive more than 1000 visitors per day. I also use this to get free traffic on my blog.

Best free traffic platforms,

  1. Pinterest
  2. Quora
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter
  6. Linkedin

If you want to learn tricks to use this platform as per their guideline then get to know in detail.

So these were some best ways to start a blog and make money from it.

I am also blogging and making money online from multiple methods so you can also start now.

5 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog In 2022”

  1. Hi, Pawar,

    Coming off from Quora, and this is an apt guide for anyone willing to get started with blogging.

    So, a lot of people get discouraged on Quora when their answers are deleted.

    What is your advise to pulling the traffic without getting dashed with ban or deleted answers?

    Will return to check it out.

    1. My answers have also got deleted many times on Quora, because.
      Writing short answers
      Adding too many links
      Not formatted correctly
      And some times Quora delete answers if it is not fitting in their policy
      So write long answers atleast of 1000 words and add a single link only in the answers which I think is best.

  2. Quora is a great place to advertise but you need to ensure that you create value as well. You can also earn with its partner program but its not much.

  3. Detailed description.. Thank you!!

    Needed to JOIN the Free Traffic Course & Earn $150 monthly ..
    Could you help me out as I am unable to join..

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