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How to Make Money Online for Free in Just a Few Months: Proven Strategies

If you really want to make money online for free without making any investment.

That also in just a few months.

Today I will be going through some of the best and real methods that you can use to start making money online easily nowadays.

I guarantee you that this will be an easy method.

Just what you will require is to keep patience.

Work consistently on a single project.

Lastly, work hard and keep on growing.

Easy for you to start with methods that you know and have knowledge to provide the content daily.

If you cannot do this you just fail and keep wasting your time.

So let us get into this and start now.

First no money to start no problem.

Just start with the free platforms that you know and use daily in your life to start with easily.

Which Is Social Media

So wait and don’t go now I will be providing you with the complete site map from the experience that I have learned.

So if you start with social media you can gather a huge audience in just time.

Then there are tonnes of methods to earn money with them.

Now not just by selling courses or getting a promotion to earn with.

This one is the biggest mistake that you make or think are the methods.

So first let’s just which platforms are best for us to start with.

First is Instagram

Today if you start with this platform you can get a huge audience and make money from it.

Over here you just have to work with the right methods and right medium.

Plus if you think about earning over here you can make money by this method.

  • First Blogging
  • Diverting Traffic
  • Selling Affiliate
  • Providing Courses
  • Then Promotions

So these are some of the best methods to make money online.

I will explain to you this quickly how it really works.

First Blogging

So over here you must be thinking of investing money but if say you just have to invest less than $5 then.

Yes, you can start blogging for just $5 I have also added a detailed guide to this you can check that out.

And set up your blog easily.

Or the least you will have to invest around $100 to start a blog with all the top resources that are there in the market for beginner bloggers.

But if you don’t have money to invest just start with $5 it’s good to start with.

After this, you will have to pick your niche.

Now don’t start the blog just by day one.

First, you need to grow at least your social media handles.

If you first grow your social media handles and gain followers then it will be easy for you to divert the traffic from them to your blog.

With this, you can start earning easily in a few months.

Then you can place the ads from Google and make money from it easily.

Now next will be with this only which is.

Affiliate Marketing

Now you can just also place on your blog affiliate product and make money through it easily.

The best over here is that you can use many sources to earn from it.

Just you need to create a product-based instgram social handle.

And trust me if you create content around some trending products like.

  • Clothing or Shoes
  • Smartphone or gadget
  • Fitness or diet program

These are some best niches to start with to easily earn from affiliate marketing nowadays.

Plus this product you can find anywhere on the top eCommerce website or affiliate network.

Also providing content on this is easier as you just need to find trending content on those hashtags on social media.

Then you will be creating content according to this to go viral easily.

So just start then start your affiliate blog on that and make money online.

This will be the best part.

Plus over here you can earn money by ads easily with affiliate marketing also.

So these are the two methods to make money online for free.

Diverting Traffic

What does this mean you must be thinking about this method.

Over here you just have to keep posting the same content on different platforms and divert the traffic from the grown platform to others to make money.

Like online there are only two platforms that pay you directly to make money online and you must know that probably.

Which are the best two platforms are.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook Pages

These two are available all around the world and you can make money if you provide content according to their guidelines.

So you must be thinking to do this you need to show face or voice to provide the content.

Right but now you can create this content without this for free easily.

Here are the step-by-step methdos that I have personally added after trying this on my own.

So you can check that out and create content easily without showing your face for free.

Plus you just have to create one content and add those on multiple platforms easily.

You can share the content created for Instgram on Youtube and Facebook easily.

Plus the main point is that you really don’t need to create daily multiple posts that is the whole thing wrong which we do nowadays.

Speaking from my personal experience you don’t need to create more than 1 or two 2 posts.

As I also used to create more than 4 or 5 content daily.

And then what I used to get was really nothing as fresh account create and I used to not get any reach on my post or video format reels or shorts.

But when I just started creating only 1 content daily and I used to post that in the evening I used to get a good amount of reach on my post.

Sometimes day i didn’t use to also post and I used to get more reach on my past posts easily.

Plus this was all AI content which I use to create by some tools easily in just 30 minutes or less that I use to get my hand on it easily.

But over here you have to keep in mind that you have to post daily multiple stories which is one of the most important things you have to do to get reach on your account.

So post multiple stories daily rather than posting daily content easily this will be easy for you.

So just do this It will be best for you to get the reach you want on your account easily when it’s new.

These are some best methods and you can also share your affiliate products over here and earn from them easily.

Now let’s see the next method which is mostly used by everyone to share courses and earn from them easily.

Selling Courses

So this is one of the best ways you can make money online via social media easily.

Over here you just need not create videos and sell them and courses but you can also sell PDF courses.

Which are easy to create nowadays through Canva.

Plus there are many methods to sell your courses easily nowadays online.

Not just by selling them through social media which I can say to you.

You can share this on many different platforms than social media.

  • Quora
  • Facebook Group
  • Linkedin
  • Medium

There are tons of platforms that you can use to share your courses online easily nowadays.

This is another method to make money through social media for free.

Last Promotions

So you can find out when you start getting a good amount of followers.

But if you get some good engaging followers on your post you can get a portion with fewer followers also easily nowadays.

This is also another method that completely depends upon your followers and how many engaging followers you have.

These are the other methods that you can use to make money online for free on social media nowadays.


This one is another method that you can use and make money online with your skills easily nowadays.

Over here no need to invest any amount just start making money from your skills.

Let me tell you how and what are mistakes which are made mostly by everyone.

Plus this method no one will tell you in detail.

But over here if you give a good amount of time you can really earn double the income which you can make by job in that field.

So over here we will be going with just one freelancing website but there is also one more for you to get the jobs but it is also best to make money online let me tell you how to use that to make money online for free.

So the first one is the best website to start with as a beginner is – Fiverr.

The other one is the best to get jobs on a longer-term basis which is also best for beginner-Upwork

So these are the best two websites that now let me know how to make money from them.

So the first mistake over here which we do is that we just really on the website to provide the order from day one.

So this one is the biggest mistake which you can make.

At least try to get 10 orders from outside you can get it how you want.

Let us say you can get this order from this method which is.

First Social Media

Next Lindkden

Other make orders by yourself only you will lose only $10 to $15 and you will get a total of 5 to 8 good reviews which are good to get your account to boost in these initial days for a new account easily.

By this, you will be getting the reviews that are the only required to get an order directly from Fiverr.

Clients will trust you and get the order by you done and Fiverr will also push your gidg to their clients more.

So this is a win-win situation for you Just order at least 5 to 8 orders and give it a try.

You will be losing just $10 to $15 which is okay to get started to make money online nowadays with your skills easily.

So let me explain to you how to do this in detail.

First, create a gig and keep the pricing according to this in the beginning.

Basic – $5

Standard – $15

Premium – $25

So keep your pricing according to this only it will be easy for you to make some orders in the beginning by yourself.

Then when you will make a purchase of $5 you will lose only $2 from it and get a review of 5 stars easily.

But you will also have to do this in the correct way to make it work so you can get the order easily from Fiverr only.

So let me show that to you also how you can do this.

First, don’t purchase from the same device and internet connection.

Get the front order from a different device or interconnect.

Over here you can use any of your family smartphones easily for this.

So first just create an account and search for many different gigs and land on your gig only and first start the chat with yourself only.

Then do some chat time by time on that day and later place the order from the order side.

Then over here after a day in the delivery time deliver the order as you had chat with that account.

Try to deliver some orders that you have done in the past as practice and deliver that as that will be checked by Fiverr also and it will appear in your past orders which will be showing in the gigs picture and by this only buyers will make their decision to buy for you.

So keep this in your mind You need to deliver something like real and attractive to get orders from the client in the feature.

You can place other orders from your nearby cyber cafe or any other device but always use different dice.

Also, create a long ID and password over there only for them and don’t use that in your main system or Fiverr can also catch that in feature.

So don’t make any mistakes from your side.

If you don’t want to do this you can just go on Fiverr and get the gig links and on Facebook there are many users who want to do gig exchange and you will also have to do the same for them.

But over the main mistake which everyone does that.

They exchange gigs with those only who are working in their niche.

So how does knowing that it will look authentic to Fiverr also as the person who is providing the service is also buying the same service from some other on the same account?

So always do gig exchanges with different Fiverr users who are in different fields providing their service.

Since this is also best as it will look real for Fiverr also and the client also in the Fiverr gig’s recent order history.

Now next what you can do to get an order if you also don’t want to invest this much money.

So you can do is that you will have to invest time and keep patience to get the results as this will be not as quick as it seems to you.

The method is to work on social media only to get the order easily on Fiverr to grow over gig reviews.

You just need to create content around your work and share it on social media handles.

The methods which we talk about first you have to use that to get orders.

The best platforms are those we use daily.


Facbook Groups or Pages




So this will be better for you to get started with ease to get orders in the beginning than investing the money if you don’t have one.

Next, you can is use Upwork which is the best freelancing site other than Fiverr also online to make money online for free.

But before going to the order site I want to also tell you this is another method to make money from Fiverr if you don’t have money to invest and also don’t have to work hard on social media to get an order this will definitely work for you.

This has also worked for me to get the order or we can say to make the money online easily from home by working just for less than 4 hours daily and making around $100 from my skills easily from my home online.

You can just go on Fiverr and search for the service in which you are working in.

Then next you will have to search for the top Fiverr sellers in them and those who have more orders in their queue list.

Just message them to work with them.

Since they have plenty of orders they most of the time hire someone.

Since like then also I got hired like that and also in graphic design services which is the most highly competitive service online.

Where many are working in that service field.

Plus I just messaged around 10 sellers only.

By luck, you can say that I got hired by the second seller only.

Then he just hired me for 2 desgn a day and he paid me $100 a month in the end.

So there are also other methods to make money on Fiverr easily.

But over here you can use some other account of yours as sometimes you will also have to share your poor information to get paid or you can get paid differently on Fiverr only and get your review inserted in a month.

By this, you get a total of 15 to 20 reviews in a month which can easily boost your account.

And at the end of the month, you can start making weekly this amount.

So are also other methods to make money by Fiverr and you need to least invest one or two months to make those big bucks online easily nowadays.

If you don’t have that money to invest and want to make money with your skills easily nowadays.

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