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How To Make Money On Upwork Easily

Upwork one of the best freelancing websites to make money online. You can work over here in your free time and start earning from it. Upwork is the best opportunity for those who want to quit their jobs. Moreover require to work from home in their comfort zone. So understand over here how to make money on Upwork. I will provide you a step by step guide. So it will be easy to understand and earn.

How To Make Money On Upwork

What is UpWork?

Over here you can work as a freelancer without any investment. Many freelancers are working over here from different countries and earning in dollars. You can likewise do start working on Upwork from your home. As this is a place for beginners and likewise pro freelancers. So you can easily start working on these sites. 

Over here clients who need there work done. Will Post a job profile. You will just have to search for those jobs and you have to send the clients a proposal to work with them. 

Best features of Upwork

Over here you will work securely. As all the payments are secured over here by the Upwork itself. You get paid after the work is done in a week easily. While the Upwork team will make secure that the clients pay the amount. When they hire you. Since the amount is kept on hold by the Upwork team. As they will make the payment as your work is done. And excepted by the clients. 

If the work is not on that point clients can also take there amount back.

So you should provide them 100 % of yours.

Or if you had done everything right but you are not paid so can take the help of the Upwork team As they will help you. 

How to get started

  • Over here you can create an account by Gmail or Facebook
  • Then you will have to fill the information
  • Provide all the details which they are asking for
  • Add your skills and qualification correctly

After this, they will first verify your account.

Then only they will allow you to work on that project. Therefore provide all the details which you have.

How to search for jobs on Upwork

As over here they will suggest all the jobs which are posted according to your service. Which you will be providing. As those jobs will pop up on your dashboard. You can bid on any of them and send them a proposal. By this, you can start your work after you are selected.

If you want you can use the filter bar to search for the job according to your skills and experiences. You can additionally provide them how much the big number of projects you are looking for. So do try the filters also.

You can add all the jobs keyword which you can do. Like if you are a graphic designer. Then add all those keywords related to it in the filters, like logo design, brochure, image editing, illustration, and photoshop. And many more and only those which you can do perfectly. So add those keywords in the filters and save it. Then you will get some more suggested jobs according to it.

You should also take the basic skill test. By this, you can also get more orders. As over here, you will have to answer several questions. By doing this your account will also grow. And you can start getting orders easily. So also complete this step and give you time for it.

After finding a job now its time to send then a proposal.

How to send a proposal

So over here you will have to give extra time and write a detailed Proposal. So they can know why you are best for these specific jobs. So over here we will have to use some unique words. Plus you have to mention all our skills and experience.


  • First, start with welcoming.
  • Then write about your self.
  • Then provide them value first.
  • Mention your skills and knowledge.
  • Then tell them why you are the best for this job.

For eg,


I am XYZ from XYZ country. I am a full-time freelancer. Working on Upwork as a full-timer. Over here I love to work because I can share my ideas and do the work I want. 

I am most suitable for your jobs since I have worked on numerous projects in the past. I can provide you something out of the box. Which you will love it. I can provide you all the elements which You had mentioned. 

As I had done my studies in this field. And I am having ( 2 Plus year of experience ). Which makes me an expert for these jobs. As still, I am learning new things so I can provide my clients best out the best. 

You can see my previse work which I have just done in the past weeks. 

I definitely can provide you all the ideas which you are looking for. 

Thanks for your time, and let me know if you have any questions or anything which you want to get clear with me. 

( Your Name ) 

As you see how to write a proposal. As this was my style you can write as you want. Just try to be genuine and provide those things only. And also add all about your self.

You can show your previse work to get hired fast.

After this, if you want to get hired immediately so use this step. But it will take a little bit of time but it’s worth it. It helped me a lot. 

While sending a proposal. Always try to send them the design or the data which they are looking for. You can create as per there description. And send them just a basic file. So they will appreciate how you are the best for those jobs. 

As I use to do this and I use to get order immediately. Just save the job on which you want to work. Give time and create as per there regulation and send them.

By this, they can trust you and hire you for that job. As after getting hired it will also not take that time for you to give the finishing to those jobs. 


You will be getting only 100 Bid for free so use them carefully and only bid on those jobs which you can do. Don’t bid on those jobs which you think you can’t give your 100 %. As I did this and wasted all of my Bid then I had top purchased them individually.

So these were some tips and ways to make money on Upwork. As now you must have known now how to make money on Upwork. In detail, if you want too know more about this and learn in detail you can just visit the Upwork help center and know. This was the way to get order easily on Upwork which I have mentioned over here. 

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