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How to create a website at $5 that ranks on google – blogger

Hello there everyone, Today I will tell you how to create a website just at $5 that will rank on google with adsense approval. So for that, you won’t need to buy any hosting from anywhere you will get all that in one place. 

Every freelancer knows that Bloooger provides there users to create a free website in just a few clicks. No need to learn coding or Html. Just create an SEO friendly website in few clicks. Isn’t this looks coll tho hear? 

You will just have to spend some amount of money to buy a domain. For that, I will tell you how can you purchase that in only 5$.

So I will be telling you all this step by step, so you dont get confused.
Before starting this, I want to clear you one thing that the Blogger website really ranks on google.

If you are wondering, what will the amount get waste? So the answer is no because Blogger is a program that is created by Google itself. So why the heal google will not rank its self website.

First, let us talk about the domain from where you purchase at low rates.

Godaddy Domain

godaddy domain

If you want to buy a domain, then Godaddy is the best option for that because their rates are very cheap. You all must be knowing that new users can buy a domain at less than $5 from GoDaddy. Which makes the GoDaddy unique in the market.

Every new user prefers to purchase their first domain from GoDaddy.

When I started my first website, I had purchased my primary domain at just $1.4 as I was a new user. So you can also give it a try.  


How you can purchase and pay.

how you can purchase and pay.

You just have to enter your niche(topic) keyword and find a relevant domain for that keyword. Godaddy Say over there that you have to make their payments through Credit card, but you can also pay through your Debit card. (use only international cards like visa or MasterCard)

How to create a website on Blogger.

create a website on blogger

Now when we had bought a domain from GoDaddy, now its time to set it up. For that, we will need hosting, but we will be going with Blogger.

Blogger was bought by Google in 2003, which was developed by Pyra Labs. Blogger is a blog posting website where multiple users can create and post there blogs and articles. Over here, they dont apply any charges to there users, so everyone can get asses easily to this.

Those how cant invest any significant amount in starting their own website. You will just need to spend a decent amount to purchase a domain. Over here, they will give you a domain also, but it contains (Blogspot), which will never rank on google. For that purpose, only we need to purchase a domain with (.com or .in) any domain which you want.

First, let's talk about Best required points of a Blogger to rank.

  • Blogger provides an SSL certificate.
  • Rank on google.
  • You will get thems for free. 
  • No need to buy Hoasting.
  • You can run you ads through Adsense or any other network.
  • No need to hustle to Setup a website.
  • Just start your own website at less than $5.
  • Get all the essential tools and gadgets to rank.
  • So this are all the necessary points to rank your websites on google.

How to set up an account

  • Excess here to blogger
  • Click on signup
  • Signup with you Gmail account.
  • Fill all the options.

After create an account on Blogger, you will need to create a website now. For that, we are going to use our domain, which we purchased from GoDaddy. So for that, just follow my steps i will be telling you the complete procedure

  • Click on the left side of your blogger screen (create blog)
  • Type a title for your blog as per you topic.
  • Then enter a relevant url over there.
  • You will have to choose a Blogspot blog only.
  • Enter the word verification.
  • Then select a template for your blog. ( I will suggest ethereal)
  • Press create a blog.

Now I will be telling you how to connect your GoDaddy domain with Blogger.

  • Go to Setting>Basic then click on 3rd party domain.
  • Enter you custom domain over there.
  • After clicking Save, you will receive an error.
  • Now go to GoDaddy and select the DNS option.
  • Click on Add Another
  • Recorde type>CNAME
  •   Host>www.
  • Point to>
  • Click on Add another
  • Then click on (view instruction) on Blogger.
  • Add all the ip addresses from there to GoDaddy one by one.
  • Click on Add another again.
  • Record Type>A
  • Host>@
  • Points to>Ip address one by one
  • Then again, go to your Blogger and copy (Name or Lable code) the 2 nd option in the host.
  • In points to> target or point code.
  • Now select the redirect option.
  • It takes time to load, so don,t worry about that.
  • By following all these points, you can link your GoDaddy domain with Blogger.

Now you can get approved from Google Adsense and also run ads and start earning money online.

While creating an article or blog over here, give your best. If your thing there are not much option to play over like wordpress then your wrong. You can create a unique article and a blog over here.

Learn from youtube how you can do that, now you can also add wordpress themes codes which are available on google. So do research on how you can play with bloggers setting and create an extraordinary website for your users.

I will suggest that you just try to create a blogging website. Dont start your affiliate marketing website over here because, for that, you will require extra plugins.

Learn how to create an website through wordpress.

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