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Best Unique Free Website Traffic Generator Ways

Today know some unique free website traffic generator sources. Which are absolutely free to use and drive 100K plus visitor per month. This technique which I will be sharing with you is the best way that I use to get traffic to my new website without ranking on any search engines. So you can also use this opportunity and get traffic to your sites.

Free Website Traffic Generator

Just before starting if you are thinking that the ways which I will be adding over here to get free website traffic generator. Is fake or it will be spammed. Then don’t worry, these all tricks you will also recognize but you don’t know how to use them. All are genuine ways that I used. By this, my bounce rate also didn’t go up. And the duration of my website likewise grew up. So try this without any worries.

Best free website traffic generator

  1. Pinterest
  2. Quora
  3. Medium
  4. Facebook
  5. Google Sites
  6. Freelancing sites

So these are the best ways which I use to get traffic to my website. This is the best and free website traffic generator. 

Let us understand it in detail, how to use these traffic generator methods. 

I had arranged for you in a row so you can use it. Just use this as I had formatted so you can get the best results.

One of the best ways and free website traffic generator. By this, you can easily get from 100K visitor to 1M visitors just it depends upon your hard work over here. 

By Pinterest only I am getting 100k to 150k visiter on my website. Which are not ranked in any search engine as you can also check it? I am just using Pinterest to drive traffic to my new website.


By Pinterest, you will get traffic to your website by images. Over here you will have to post high quality images to get traffic to your website. Then only you can succeed over here.  

It similarly takes time to grow over here. As it took me around 1 month only to get this high number of traffic to my website. Which I had stared using nowadays only.

You will have to learn about Pinterest. About How to get traffic to your pins boards and you will have to grow your Pinterest account. 

Then you will have to convert that visitor to your website. By your content only. As if you produce high-quality content on Pinterest then only you can get numerous visitors from Pinterest. It’s very easy just keep on doing and be consistent.

pintrest images

As over here you will get traffic to your website for a longer time. If you’re any images get ranked on Pinterest. Since numerous Pinterest images are also ranked on google. So that will also help you to get a vast number of traffic efficiently.  

Always use this, in the beginning, to get traffic as it will take some time to get viral on Pinterest. So always use Pinterest first on a new website.

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website for a longer period of time. By Quora, you will be getting high-quality traffic. Like Pinterest only. Over here you will be getting traffic from several methods which I will be sharing with you. 

So Quora is basically a Q & A website. Where you can answer any question and get traffic to your website. Which is the best part? Plus many quora questions are similarly ranked on google’s first page. Which will also help you to rank your Quora answer easily.


Before starting on quora you should know that you will have to first provide value to the answer and for the reader. Then only you can also grow your website. Otherwise, you will end up creating a mess over here.
Quora website traffic generating methods.

1) Quora Q & A

One of the best and real ways to get traffic from Quora is by answering questions on quora you will get high-quality traffic from the quora. Just you will have to create a need over here then only you can convert the quora user to your website traffic. 

As over here you will have to add up a link in the answer where you will create a need. As just try to write a brief answer over here of 600 to 1000 words.

2) Quora Spaces

Over here you can create your own space and start sharing your links and also you can write posts and questions over here. Quora space is the best feature. As its a free website traffic generator method. As you can get huge traffic from the quora space if you can grow them.

I had personally grown my Quora space in a month. And I use to get huge traffic from over there also easily. You can also earn from quora space easily. Which is the best part of it? So do try it and earn from many sources.

3) Quora Share

You can also share your website link on the other top Quora spaces and you get some unique visiter from there. I use to get joined on more than 30 to 40 Quora Spaces and share a link over there. And use to drive some unique traffic from quora easily. Just find some top grown Quora Spaces regarding your niches.

So do try on Quora and use this opportunity and grow your website easily and earn from it.

If you want to get traffic from some top Posts then try writing unique posts on medium. And get some unique traffic from Medium easily. Medium is also the best website to get traffic to your website. Many Medium posts are ranked on google. You can also find according to your niche.


Medium is free to use and you can write articles over there and add your link over there and drive some unique traffic to your websites. Over here you will additionally have to write some lengthy articles to get ranked and drive traffic from it. So I will highly recommend you to use Medium to get traffic to your website.

So try this free website traffic generator now. Many users are using this and getting results from it.


One of the best ways to get traffic to your website for free. By Facebook, you can get free website traffic easily. This is one of the popular social media sites. So there is a huge user base on this platform. So you can easily get free traffic from the Facebook.


Over here also there are several ways to get traffic to your sites. Which I will be adding up over here and you can easily use it.

1) Facebook Group

You can create a Facebook group and start promoting your website links over there. This is the best way to drive traffic to your website. So do use the Facebook group in your niche and grow your websites.
I also used Facebook to get traffic on my website. So you should additionally do and get huge traffic to your sites.

2) Share your link on Facebook

To get traffic to your website you can use the top grown Facebook group. As you can use this as a free website traffic generator. 

Just you will have to post many images and links on the Facebook groups or pages. Which has huge followers? You can find those on Facebook easily. So do try and grow your website traffic. 

Just don’t do spam over here or Facebook will block you. If you keep on sharing the links. Sometimes further provide value to the post.

So these are some best ways to get traffic from Facebook to your website.

If you want to get unique traffic from Google then use Google sites. Over here you will just have to create a free website. Similar to yours. Where you will have to add all the necessary elements. Like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages.
Then you will have to add unique content to your websites. By this you are website will also rank on google if you are having that valuable content.

Since Google sites, Domain Authority is similarly very high. Which will rank your blogs on many long terms and short term keywords? Also, write on low competition keywords articles over as it will be easy for you to rank your google sites. By this, you will get the result to your main sites. 

You can likewise earn from google sites. By using the affiliate program on your google sites. 

Since the google site is free to use. So can also start on google sites from today only.

Freelancing Sites

I had kept freelancing sites a free website traffic generator method as an optional for you. By freelancing sites, you can give your site a boost. As it just depends on where the traffic comes. Then only you can generate revenue from any ad network.

Like you will have to use freelancing sites like,

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

Which are the top 3 freelancing sites? I used to get traffic to my website. As I just did an experiment with that. Like I use to use their job pages or request pages to get traffic to my sites. Once due to this my Keywords started ranking on google also. As the traffic is very huge from their sites.

know in detail over here


So now you must have got some ideas to get traffic to your website. And you can generate revenue also from it. This is a unique traffic source for your sites. Which I and many new bloggers do to grow their new websites. 

Just use them As I had ordered in a row. As I had ordered it from the best to decent methods. Like Pinterest, quora, and medium, Facebook will provide you unique traffic instantly in days.

As by google sites it will take time. But it’s worth it as it will be coming from Google directly to your sites. So you should also use this opportunity and boost your traffic now. 

So how did you like this free website traffic generator methods. There are further many more ways just you have to use your creativity and brain to get the results from them.

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