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Best Small SEO Tools for Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing – earn money seo

Today I will be showing you some fantastic digital marketing and affiliate marketing tools. From which you can start earning money online. I will share with you those tools which helped me when I was a beginner. This digital marketing tools will work as a small seo tool for you.

When I started my digital marketing website online, I didnt had any amount to invest in the begging. So I use to search for tools that were available for free on the internet.

I had done comprehensive research and found out those tools, which I will be sharing with you. I guarantee you that you must also be knowing about these free tools.

By these tools, you can find relevant high volume keywords for you niche or topic. Keyword planners will help you can find numerous pertinent keywords without any hard work. Write Seo friendly Articles with tools like article rewriter or article spinner.

Just before starting, let me explain to you all about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

digital marketing

Here you can promote any products or services online through this method. You have to encourage through digital technology.

You would need a laptop and internet connection to start your digital marketing occupation(career). Over here, all the work is done online. Buy a website and begin developing a product or writing comprehensive feedbacks on any products.

Learn more about digital marketing over here in deep. 

Keyword Planner



Use tools to research high volume keywords for your niche. By using tools, your work will be uncomplicated, and you will get target archiving results very quickly.

Ubbersuggest provides all small seo tools, which are the most needed for any digital marketer. You can find high volume keywords with all analytics. Its SEO difficulty, Advertising cost, and many more.

It will also show you some relevant keyword according to you niche or topic. Here the most useful features is you can find according to the country. So it makes it easy for an online marketer to work on a particular country niche.

Try analyzing your competitor’s website by site audit in Ubbersugest, which will show you all those results, what your contender is applying strategy to rank on google.

Find relevant backlinks too, Isn’t this tool appearance high profits for people who can’t afford expensive tools like ahrefs and keyword planner.

Article Rewriter

Are you fed-up with writing articles, however, can’t write high-quality content? So if you dont want to write down essay articles and want to earn money, then you should use Article Rewriter tools that are obtainable for free on the net.

Use this free article rewriter website to do that work for you. You hav to find those blogs or articles which your competitors are ranking for and copy those articles. After that, open the Article Rewriter website and pate it. You will get a unique are a high-quality content article, which will be completely different.

What they do is they will change a few keywords structure form the article which you glued. What’s more, they will serve you another and diverse article from your competitor.

You can utilize this effectively by certain tricks. To start with, you have to discover two to five articles or blogs that are ranking and generate a new report by this tool. By this, you will get five Distinctive one of kind articles or blogs. After this, you have to make your blog by taking short paragraphs or sections from those articles.



If you want to find a high quality of backlinks, then you should use Ubbersuggest tools. By this tool, you can find a high quality of backlinks for your website.

Over here, it would be best if you no searched those who are providing backlinks. You can find all those backlinks which your competitors are using by the Ubbersuggest tool.

Now everybody are starting there own blogs and website because of this competition is additionally obtaining high in digital marketing and affiliate marketing. For that, you need to discover applicable and relevant backlinks as per your specialty (niche). So this tool is free, and you can utilize this rapidly. No requirement for enrolling and registering, so try it once.

If you are a tenderfoot and need to rank your articles quickly and immediately, at that point, You should utilize these tools, as I referred for you.


You will get benefits by this Because advance digital marketing and affiliate marketing tools are required. Right when I started my profession (career) in this field, I had done my all work through free instruments, tools, and websites that were accessible on the internet. Before Google, keyword planners were additionally useful. But they had changed there settings. But if you use these tools, which I am mentioning in my blogs, then you will overgrow.

I had likewise composed a complete article and blog on how you can secure and earn cash online with or without venture, so look at moreover those. It will help you a lot if you’re hustling on the web(google) to get rank.

If you can invest 20$ you can excess to some of the best SEO tools.

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