Easy Way To Earn Money Online Through Event Blogging For Free

If you are also hustling to earn money online like other bloggers. And not making any money online and thinking about to quit blogging. Then we are here to help you with that problem. 

When I also started my blogging career online, I didn’t get the results very fast. But now I am making over 2000 $ monthly with all my experiences in blogging for the past few years.

Nowadays, many freelancers and users are looking out to make money online through blogging. As blogging is a prevalent method to earn money fast. But it will need time and patience to achieve your goal in blogging. As there are many parts in blogging like micro-blogging, Event blogging, and blogging.

So too, I will be just telling you how you can earn money through Event Blogging. It will not require any investment at all. We will be using all the free sources available out there online.

What is Event Blogging?

what is event blogging

Event blogging brassily means you have created a script of any occasion, festival, religious, Seasons, Special days. You have to just work on anyone’s topic, which you want in event blogging.

Here you have to teel your visiters about that particular event. Like you give details of that event in pictures, audio, wishes, etc.

Over here, you need to publish an article in huge numbers. You will just have to focus on a particular topic and work on it.
No need to write long articles for that.

How can you earn money

earn money

When you will create an event blogging script online. Then you have to place some adds in that script. You can set any adds like Propeller ads, Media.net, Adsense, but you will have to first get approved from Adsense.

But if you can use the other two Adsense alternative options. Just create a banner script and add that in that script.

How to create an Event blogging Script

create an event blogging Script

If you want to create an event blogging script for free. Then many websites generate scripts for free. You can use those websites to create that script online for free.

1) Open Web beast website.
2) Fill all the details mentioned on the We beast page.
3) Add an image or gif from google according to your topic.
4) Add Google Analytics code to track all the activities.
5) Specially add a unique message. So your users will keep forwarding it.
6) Use any Adsense alternative you want and paste that banner script in (Banner Ad Code)

Where to Publish Event blogging script for free.

publish event blogging script

Now when we are done with creating our event blogging script for free. Now we need a domain and hosting to publish that script online.

So for that, we will be using Blogger. As over here, you can create a free website without any investment.

Create an account on Blogger.
Select your domain name according to your blogging script.
Select Etheral them.
Then Select no option in the mobile option.
Then click on them in Blogger.
Select revert to classic them at the bottom.
Paste the script in Theme Html
And Off the Change Navbar.

After creating an Enevt blogging page, promote it on social media and WhatsApp especially. Because most users send wishing posts on WhatsApp.
If you send that scripts to many friends. Your script can also get viral, and you can easily earn money online.

How much can you make with Event blogging

earn money

Here I will tell you how much can you earn with different ad networks. So it will be easy for you to obtain a considerable amount online. And you will also save your time.

Propeller Ads

One of the best Adsense alternatives is Propeller ads. If you want to make a considerable amount online, then I will prefer your propeller ads. You no need to get approved to use propeller Ads.

As propeller ad is the CPM ad network. Propeller ad pay Per 1000 Immersion. If CPM networks pay 1$ per 1000 Immersion, then you will also get paise 1$ per 1000 Page impression.


Media.net is also one of the most popular ad networks. You can easily earn up to 100$ over here.
Media.net Pays 5$ per 1000 page impression. So you can easily earn a considerable amount over here. If you also get 500 Pageviews on daily bases. You can quickly generate 2$ from that.

So if you try these two best ad networks on different event blog scripts. You quickly generate a massive amount from that.

How to viral our event blogging script.

viral our event blogging script

If you want to viral your event blogging script. You need to work hard. For that, you will need to take the help of social media.

When you will create an event blogging script on any festival. You will need to create that script before ten days. So you will get enough time to promote those script.

Use Facebook to viral your script. AS you add many groups and send that script to those groups.

Use facebook toolkit to spread fastly. It will do your work in a click. Just add those groups you want and add the script link in it. To viral that script to many users.

Credit РWeb Beast 


If you follow all those tips which I mentioned, then you can easily earn money online. As blogging is a little bit hard, but you can earn a tremendous amount through event blogging for sure. I had also made a vast account through event blogging.

You need not write huge articles to rank. And also no need to do SEO or get backlinks. Just creat as script and promote it on social media for free without any investment.

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