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In response to what Luke Shaw dubbed an “awful” performance Manchester United players conducted an honest and open talk which Eddie Howe praised Newcastle stars for.

With a win Howe’s team was able to exact some justice on their opponents after losing to them in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley in February. Newcastle moved up to third place over their opponents.

When the Magpies outplayed and outfought Erik ten Hags guests defender Dan Burn claimed that the Magpies “owed them one.”

Very wonderful feeling according to Newcastle manager Howe. “I believed we earned the victory completely. The squad performed well.

“I thought our planning was excellent. That refers to how well the players have trained throughout the international break and how happy I have been with their performance.

“We had to be patient; we generated many opportunities that we didn’t take but we were happy with the two that we did.

“We werent thinking about it today. It was about capturing the victory we required to advance in the league.

When questioned about Ten Hags remarks that Newcastle was wasting time he was nevertheless more candid.

We want the ball in play and I’m glad you brought it up because I want to be very clear about that Howe added.

And as you saw see today we aimed to get the ball back into play as soon as possible. High speed and enthusiasm with the ball in space.

Three of the Ten Hags team’s previous nine league games have ended in victories and Shaw the left-back was unrepentant after the game.

Newcastle is a very talented team but in his opinion they didnt win todays match on the strength of their play he told Sky Sports. “I think they won it because they were more motivated than we were and they had more passion hunger drive and attitude” (had).

U.S. fullback Although a loss like this had “been coming” according to Shaw as levels had plummeted before the international break the result was nevertheless “unacceptable.”

Since it’s ultimately up to us as players on that field the players had a conversation alone in the dressing room after the game he added.

It wasnt even close to good enough so we had to admit our mistakes in front of one another.

Ten Hag responded in the post-game news conference when asked about Shaw’s remarks that Newcastle wanted it more saying “I fully agree and that was also my evaluation of this game.

“They had more grit more zeal and more hunger with them on the field and you can’t win games when that happens.

“Especially after the Cup you know what will be happening before you fly to Saint James Park in Newcastle.

“So if you want to win major games you have to be mature and I didn’t see that today on the field” the player said.

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