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Everything We Saw in the Exciting New Blue Beetle Trailer

This morning DC and Warner Bros. got us our first look at Blue Beetle the previous HBO Max exclusive superhero film from Angel Manuel Soto that is now starting to swarm the box office as the next big movie in… well DCs odd transitional universe period at the moment. Yet its odd placement on DCs schedule doesn’t prevent it from creating a strong first impression and giving us some fascinating hints and elements to look for in its first teaser.

Blue Beetle Official Trailer

Although Jaimes early exploits in the comics took place in El Paso Texas the movie has given the character a fictional hometown called Palmera. Palmera City was also very recently included in the DC Comics canon in Josh Trujillo Adrian Gutierrez and Wil Quintana’s current miniseries Blue Beetle: Graduation Day.

A scientific and technical company analogous to STAR Labs in the DC Universe Kord Industries is an abbreviation for “Kord Omniversal Research and Development.” While Ted has controlled Kord Industries for most of its existence most notably in the comics and the Blue Beetle movie Victoria is in charge.

Since 1988 when John Byrne and Jerry Ordway launched the concept for The Adventures of Superman Big Belly Burger has made appearances in DC tales and has grown to become one of the country’s largest fast food franchises. The brand was prominently featured in the CW DC programs Arrow and The Flash as well.

The Scarab eventually adopts the name Kaji Dha a nod to the phrase Dan Garrett would yell to turn into the Blue Beetle in the film Shazam! The Scarab is alien technology from the Reach a race of extraterrestrial conquerors that have spread over the galaxy and are capable of adopting a host that can be transformed into a sleeper agent for the Reach.

The Scarab suit can also produce several pieces of weaponry for Jaime to use in battle including a blaster cannon a sword and defensive shields as we finally see in the movie. As well as producing Kryptonite radiation and magic-dampening energy discharges in the comics Jaimes’s outfit has other impressively potent weaponry.

It seems plausible that some desire to use the Scarab in potentially very evil ways like Victoria Kord who is portrayed in the film by Susan Sarandon and was originally developed for the film until recently becoming canon in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. In the comic books Ted’s sister Victoria who is older oversees Kord Industries while he spends his days fighting crime.

Even if Ted himself isn’t the main attraction in this film it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a lot of Teds time as the Blue Beetle given the shadow Kord Industries casts over the whole trailer. The Blue Beetle Bug Teds flying ship and mobile research lab is one of his most well-known inventions and as the trailer’s finale unfolds we get to watch Jaimes’s family seize control of it.

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Official Blue Beetle Release Date

Blue Beetle Release DateAugust 18, 2023 (USA)
DistributorWarner Bros.
DirectorAngel Manuel Soto
Screen PlayGareth Dunnet Alcocer

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