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Earn Money With Pinterest

It is now very easy to earn money with Pinterest. Since there are many methods which you can use. As direct Pinterest will not pay you any amount. But with the help of Pinterest, you can earn by getting some unique traffic from it.

Pinterest is just like a search engine where it is very easy to get rank. Since it is not very hard to get rank on Pinterest. Over here you can easily rank on the Pinterest first page by uploading some high-quality images on it. 

What is Pinterest?

Over here you have to upload pins ( images ) on many boards ( just like on any topics ). By this, you can drive massive traffic to your blog or product. Now, Pinterest also has added many features for their clients as you can directly add any products.
Plus you get a section to add an SEO-optimized description and another section to add the landing link. Which is the best part.
Its mostly used in the USA and the higher percentage of its use is made by USA female mostly.

Over here if you are new then also you will be getting the chance to rank your images or videos quickly. Plus Pinterest provides some detailed blog by which you can learn how to use it how to create outstanding pins and videos for Pinterest.
If you are facing any problems to rank your new blog in any search engine then you should go with Pinterest as this is the best as SEO takes time to provides results.

How to use Pinterest?

First, you will need to create a business account on Pinterest if you want to promote your products or blog. Or you can use the normal account of Pinterest. But converting to a business account is best to get many features.
It’s very easy you can easily do that.
Then we have to set up your account on Pinterest. Like we will need to add our logo or any profile pictures. Add up a username and a very important title, Add according to your topics.

Also, add your description by using some unique keywords in it. Just write what you are going to provide to your audience.
After this now you have to add up your website link. Then you have to claim that site by adding a code to your website. Use any plugin for it it will be simple for you. Use plugin like Insert Header Footer.

Now let's add up some pin?

To start adding up some pins ( images ) you will also need to add up some boards. Which are very easy to create on Pinterest.
First, you will need to find some keywords which will help you to get results fast. You can find the keywords easily in the search bar or the suggested keywords. I also pick keywords from there only.

After that create some unique and eye-catching images means pins and videos. You can use the Canva tools to create some of them easily. You will get free and pro features from Canva easily.
While creating Pins always add some big letters with your brand id in them. Like your logo or a site URL in the pin.
Use effect or any images or illustrator design in your pins it will be really best.

Now it's time to save them in boards.

After creating your all pins you have to upload them on Pinterest.

  • First click on Create, Pin
  • Then add your image or video
  • After that add up an SEO optimized Title
  • Add up some unique words in the description with some tags.
  • Add an alt text which is now available
  • Then add up your link

That’s it you can upload up to 40 to 50 pins per day. As you can upload as per your work and the ability. As you will have to create them too. You can go with 24 pins per day which can be best.
Just try to be consistent on Pinterest.

Ok over here to save your time you can use many tools to upload your Pins throughout the day as there is also a free method and premium methods also.

Like the free method is a Pinterest scheduler, which is also the best to upload Pins easily. Which is free and also best to use.
The premium method is Tailwind scheduler. Over here they also provide some free or trial methods for you. Which you can use and have a look at.

Now you have to know how to use Pinterest easily. You can easily learn this from youtube for free in better ways. This will easily help you to make use of Pinterest in a better way. Over here it will take time to produce some results but after some time you will start noticing the results by Pinterest.

Now, let's know how to make money from it.

So over here you can create a website or start earning by an affiliate which is the best way to earn. By Pinterest, you can really get many sales as the traffic is also very good.

Blog – Over here you need to create a website and then use some methods to monetize it like placing and ads. After that, you have to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog to make money from it. Which is the best and very good way to earn also.
But here you need to invest some amount like up to $80 to $100 per year. To purchase a hosting and domain. Like best one is Hostinger to purchase as it provides a free domain also.

So if you want to know about blogging and the earning methods then get a detailed guide.

Affiliate – Over here you can also start from free methods like using a Wix and a blogger to create a site for free and promote your affiliate links. Like you will need to just signup with many affiliate programs.

Some top affiliate programs are. Digistore24, ClickBank, and amazon affiliate. OR you can go with some digital affiliate networks also.

So start now and make money online by the affiliate. Over here you can easily convert those visitors into clients of yours and sell them any products of yours. Just find some best affiliate networks. Which are very easy to find nowadays in any niche ( topic ).

These were some best methods to make money online by Pinterest traffic. So start now. You can also easily make money from it. Many are using those methods and earning more than $1000 to $10000 per month.

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