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Earn Money Online By Digital Marketing and Many Other Earning Platforms.

As there is a buzz on the internet of earning money online by digital marketing. It is very trending, and numerous freelancers are earning now days throw this method. Its straightforward. We need to understand it and give our time as there are many online digital marketing certificate programs available on the internet. You can learn from there and start your online income.

If you are interested in earning money online and don’t want to do jobs, at that point, this is the best and unique way to earn. So give your best and continue learning in digital marketing as it is not the same every time. So have to keep your knowledge updated.

What is digital marketing

digital marketing

Over here, we need to do online work as freelancers. No need to listen to anyone or work for anyone. Earn at your comforts. Just at starting, it will take some time.

The main objective you need to learn in digital marketing

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • On-Page (SEO) Optimization
  • Affiliates
  • Backlinks
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Friendly Article

So, what is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process in which you can rank your website or blog. To rank, you need to have a decent knowledge of SEO, that how it works. You will get free organic and natural traffic by doing good SEO for your website.

You will require proper research on your niche to rank your article on google. Add high volume keywords with low SEO difficulty. Use SEO, friendly title, and description.

Like if your niche is about Fiverr ranking then.

Search for a keyword related to (Fiverr) there are many free and paid tools out there you can use that.

  • Free tool – (Ubbersuggest) (Google Keyword Planner)
  • Paid Tool – (Ahrf) It will cost more amount but its worth it if you want to achieve something in Digital Marketing.

On-Page (SEO) Optimization

You will have to take care that are you using relevant keywords for your niche(specialty) in your article. 

  • Check your keywords search volume. 
  • Your internal linking is an essential step. 
  • Don’t use the same keywords if not needed to increase your words. 
  • Let your reader have the option to ask your question. 
  • And add also comment box on your page.



Backlinks mean linking or connecting your webpage with another page to increase your traffic. You can likewise purchase back-links, or sometimes you will need just trade(exchange) with each other.

As its also the primary source to increase your page ranking on Google and other platforms. Never purchase backlinks from any freelancing websites as they never work. 

If you want to buy, then buy from your niche competitor as it will engage more visitors with the right content.


If you want to earn online through digital marketing or by any affiliates program. You can make a passive income through affiliates.

So what are affiliates? Affiliate is a program of numerous big brands where they want to increase there sales on the internet, where they will pay little commission amount to the promoter or advertiser. 

As there are many affiliates programs like amazon, pay per click, Flipkart, etc. Over here, you will need to promote product links on your blog, article, social media, etc. At that point, when the clients purchase the item from your affiliates link, you will get a small amount paid by the merchant.
You can earn a passive income over here.

amazon affiliate

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon’s affiliates program is trending in India. As amazon is paying superb commission to there promoters. Numerous individuals are earning the right amount. As it’s straightforward to use.

You will need to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program and promote their links according to your niche. They have many terms and conditions which you need to look at first.


Like the Amazon Affiliate Program, the ClickBank Affiliate program also works like that. As it has many products that you can promote and earn money online. You can work on numerous products and services. Clickbank is an international affiliate program, so I will suggest you try this affiliate program too.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account, and have good knowledge. How to use that and engage visitor on your profile, you can earn a good income from over there. 

You can likewise promote affiliates’ links from your social media accounts. Just utilize the right keywords, hashtags, and descriptions in it. You can earn online by expand your visiter and providing valuable knowledge about your niche(specialty).

Like you can make men’s fashion page, Instagram account, and promote the clothes link over there and generate income. Nowadays, Adsense ads can also be seen on facebook. You will need to apply for that.

Email Marketing

email marketing

If you want to increase your visitor to your websites. You can use Email Marketing as a strategy as its fast, flexible, and it cost less. You can send emails to your customers to keep them updated. 

It enables you to create a personal message for your visitors. According to the study of Mckinsey, Email marketing is more magnificent than social media marketing 

SEO Friendly Article

To compose an SEO friendly article, you will require incredible keyword research. Give time to search for the best keywords for your article. Never rush in writing articles as it is imperative to rank on google and any other platform.

Use some high search volume keywords more than four five-time. Don’t add unnecessary lines or points to expand your words. Check your website load time. Use some plugins to improve your website load fast.

Digital Marketing Courses

As there are many digital marketing courses online. So you can learn from there and acquire a decent salary. Just invest in ethical and updated digital marketing courses. As it keeps on updating. 

digital marketing courses

Digital Marketing Google Courses

Google Digital Garage

  • Course Duration – 40 Hours
  • Certification Cost – Free
  • Type – Video tutorial

Google Tag Manager

  • Course Duration – Self Placed
  • Certification Cost – Free
  • Certification Validity – 12 months from the exam date
  • Type – Video tutorial

These are all the paid digital marketing google courses online. You have to spend some money to start.

There also numerous people who are out there to teach you digital marketing courses for free. If you want to learn and give it a try, then you can learn from it over there. Only it takes time as it will be not that to a detailed course.

If you learn it and when you will start implementing it. It will take time as nothing comes fast as we thing. So never lose hope and keep on trying. Just keep in mind when you start your website, create that content in which you have a piece of useful knowledge.

After that, you can start your digital marketing agency or company to earn money. 

How to earn money from digital marketing

digital marketing

If you want to make money from digital marketing. You can earn by running adds or by promoting any products. You will have to sign up with the affiliates program. Promote the products and earn some commission from over there.

Start your website and start selling them online. You will need to invest 100 dollars at starting. GoDaddy gives reasonable offers for there customer who purchases there first Domain. For Domain, you can buy from ( They have the cheapest rates, and their customer services are also better than others. 

As there are many free websites on the internet where you can write blogs and articles. Blogger, Wix these are the two leading famous websites for writing blogs and articles.

If your site gets organic traffic, you can also get extra dollars for a product review. You will need to review the product and add their affiliate link.

You can run any also run your digital marketing agency. There are too many more options, rather than if you want to do it.

As if your looking for any digital marketing jobs. From that, you can earn more than 500 dollars per month at starting. you need to have a good knowledge of that.

Social media will be the best to earn through digital marketing, as you can have free asses to all the popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Prinster, and Twitter. These social sites will give more traffic than other social networks.

Conclusion (Special Tips)

You can create a page on facebook and promote affiliates link over there. If you have a facebook group, you can also work on that. You will need to work hard at starting. To bring traffic on your social network sites. As if you want USA traffic, then you start working on Pinterest as this is very famous for pins. Many of the pinterest posts is ranking in (google Image page).

There are many ways online to work, but if you focus on one topic, you can earn money. Let it be Digital Marketing, Fiverr, or as a Freelancer. 

To remind you that when you start your blog or websites, you will not get the result fast, it will take at least three months. You need not lose hope and keep doing your work. Don’t do Copy/Paste work as it will never work for you. 

Start your online earning without any investment by Affiliate or Application.

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