Earn As New Freelancer By Logo Designing

If you also want to make money through one of the highly competitive services online which are logo designing then know some best ways now.

Plus we had brought for you some of the examples online which are earning from these services from Fiverr where competition is high and new freelancers can not get orders.

This is what numerous freelancers think now and get some problems and start with this amazing freelancing website.

new freelancer

So if you want to make money from this service you will need to work hard to earn as a full-timer from home online.

  • You will need to invest time.
  • Learn about freelancing websites.
  • Create eye-catching mockups.
  • Learn how to interact with your clients and provide them with quality work.
  • Plus stay focused and provide your clients online with what exactly they are looking for in their friendly budget.

So these are the points which you need to follow as a new freelancer online first you need to gather your clients and get many as orders you can.

So let’s get started with this,

First, we will be seeing some of the new freelancers online who are earning from Fiverr.

New Freelancer On Fiverr

Over here we had hidden the information of the freelancer and we will be just showing you their gig rates and their orders which they receive in a few months.

If you want to do this on your own just go and search for your services on Fiverr and then just filter it with new sellers and you will find some freelancer earning who had started two-three months back.

And you will also get some idea about that and you will also be starting with it on Fiverr.

Got 66 Orders In Two Months

So this freelancer gig, for now, started from $50 and he had received around 66 orders in just 2 months this duration is from the month he started his profile to I am writing this article.

Plus at that point, he was also having 4 orders in queue.

If we talk about his gig rates then,

  • Basic – $50
  • Standard – $100
  • Premium – $150

So these are all the price ranges he had added at that time.

He could also have started with a very low price which can be from $5 mostly to $50 now on his basic gig only.

But if you calculate 66 x $50 = $3300 in 2 months.

Plus if we also calculate lets say an 66 x $20 = $1320 in 2 months.

This $20 was taken by my side as the price could be anything so just took a basic rate which he must have done work with as a beginner.

But still, this is a huge amount that he had earned in just two months.

Every new freelancer would dream to achieve these numbers online.

Let’s study his profile.

As I said I will not show you the profile of any freelancer as anyone can go and disturb them or any other thing can also happen.

So what we found was that he added a very high-quality profile picture with some good quality mockups which could easily catch anyone’s attention if it also pop up for a while on the Fiverr first page in logo designing.

Plus he was well organized and he had written down in detail what he will provide with some benefits and advantages for their clients so he could get picked up easily.

As you can see I had added a half image of his gig description.

Plus the major factor response time is also 1 hour means he interacts with clients whenever he is getting queries or orders.

He had not messed up his profile with many gigs and all kept it all simple and good for his clients to understand.

Plus his rating which is an important factor is 4.8 stars which are also best for you to receive multiple orders in features and he was also having 4 orders in the queue when I am writing down this article as stated before.

I also checked his past work which he had summited to his clients is also high-quality work and he has got some good reviews from there.

Plus he is also delivering his work faster in a week he had delivered more than 10 orders.

But at the beginning of his orders in that week he received only three orders as only three reviews were there at the starting of the week.

So slowly he started getting orders.

Plus I had also worked on Fiverr and this is what I noticed on Fiverr.

Whenever I used to get my first order or queries in the chat I just used to receive the order from there.

After finishing that order I use to automatically get other queries on that gig if I could turn that into orders a few times.

I use to receive other orders for some time on many profiles I don’t also use to get orders then for past weeks also.

As I also worked over here long back time.

And this was just an experience that I am sharing.

Whenever you will get quires just try to turn them into orders at any cost.

By this, you will also start getting many queries like me.

Plus if you also can bring orders from outside Fiverr is also good to grow your Fiverr rating which I had also done and boosted my profile and clients.

I will be telling you how to do this in a while.

Got 26 Orders In 3 Months

So this is another profile that I found is doing amazing and is also earning a very good amount as a new freelancer online on this crowded freelancing website.

He is also doing logo designing and if we calculate all of his orders then there are around 50 orders which are all of his profiles from different gigs.

He had got all this in just three months of starting his account and in features he receive many more orders also.

So let’s see how much he must have made from here.

So his gig prices are starting with,

  • Basic = $25
  • Standard = $90
  • Prenmium = $140

Plus if you multiply this gig rate with the orders which he got 26 by this time I am writing the article on this particular gig will be around.

Basic per $25 x 26 = $650 in three months.
If let’s say in the beginning he, just selling from $15 x 26 = $390 in three months.

This means in a month we can say he made around $200 or more than that as he must also have got orders for standard and premium which can also increase this amount to $300 to $400 a month.

So see how a new graphics designer online in logo designing is making just need to have a piece of detailed knowledge and work hard.

Since this freelancer’s gig was also setup up well like others and he also added in detailed information and eye-catching mockups and title in the gig.

So you will also have to learn this.

Got 21 Orders In 3 Months

This is another account that has also received around 21 orders in 3 months her one gig price means of basic one started from $5 only.

So if you calculate their income so it will be around.

In 3 month this freelancer made from this 21 orders x $5 = $105.

If we see this all gig rates so here they are,
Basic = $5
Standard = $20
Premium = $50

So this is very low earning according to which I showed you first one but see how these guys are earning as a new freelancer online.

So these were the three examples which I had brought for you plus there are many ones who are earning from this I had added their web stories which I had creat a past time ago, You can also check that out.

Just if you want to start using these amazing freelancing sites also from now but just don’t depend on this freelancing website only.

You should also try some other freelancing websites like Upwork and Guru or Freelancer.

Which is also the best choice to go with Upwork also can be the best choice for new freelancers know that why now here.

I added a detailed guide on Upwork also to start earning from it and some tricks to use by doing hard work to get orders at the beginning which I later got some responses for my bids on Upwork.

So if you want just check out my Upwork freelancing guide now.

Now let’s see how you can use some different platforms to get orders easily now.

Social Media Paltforms

Like we will take help of the top website and I will just explain to you this is in short so it will be helpful for you also now.

Facebook Groups And Pages.

One of my top choices for a new freelancer to start with is just go and first, create your own Facebook page or group according to you and post many as many mockups and work of yours over there.

Then go and just join many groups and pages on Facebook like.

If you are a logo designer,

Joins groups of Fiverr and freelancers which you will first think about.

But rather than this also go and join groups like those who can purchase our services easily like.

  • Developers who need graphic designers.
  • Then just think first about who will purchase your services and go and join them like developers also require a graphic designer for their work to go faster.

So just think and join groups that can buy your services and you will find many groups with 100k followers on them just share your mockups and tell them to dm you.

Don’t share any or many links of your group or page in the beginning or it will get spammed by Facebook and the post will get deleted so first tell them just to dm you and you should start your work from there and share your group or page’s link to look.

So if you also learn about social media marketing and all basic thing you can use that to drive orders also easily.

Next Will Be Start With

Instagram, Youtube

Over here you can just create a mockup in form of reels or shorts and just share them there and get a huge audience from that also easily and convert them into your clients.


One of the best places to start getting clients from over here is you can also create your account and share your portfolio and easily just share your mockups and design.

And you can get orders from LinkedIn easily like many do this and end up getting orders you will need to build up your connections over here and target some needed person over here now.

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