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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tool and Keyword Planner Tool At Cheap Rates

Get the best 20 digital marketing tools and keyword planner tools to download at cheap rates. Tools that coast more than one lakhs per year. You will get those at very cheap rates. Tools like ahrefs, semrush, Keyword tools, Grammarly, and more 17 tools will help you to earn money online through digital marketing.



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Hurry Up, Limited Time Offer


Top 20 Digital Marketing Tool and Keyword Planner Tool At Cheap Rates

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word ai

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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tool and Keyword Planner Tool At Cheap RatesTop 20 Digital Marketing Tool and Keyword Planner Tool At Cheap Rates

Hurry Up, Limited Time Offer

If you want to use the best tools out there on the internet to rank your blogs, do SEO, finding keywords. Then I will help you to get those tools at cheap rates if you check all the tools which I will be mentioning in this article online. The prices will be more than 1 lakh, which a new digital marketer cannot invest in starting. So I had selected for you some cheap tools. 

So read this complete article and start your digital marketing career with less amount of investment.
I will also be telling you some free tools too. I used personally to do my research and SEO in starting.

Keyword Planner Tools


If you also want to be professional in digital marketing like other famous gurus. Then it would be best if you used the Semrush digital marketing tools to rank your articles, blog. Finding powerful backlinks, Doing SEO, and many more activities.

If you are willing to invest to be a guru in digital marketing, then you should use this semrush tool. You can find high volume keywords and many more.

So you can buy this tool at very cheap rates if you want. You will get all the top features like the other SEO tools. And if you are a beginner then purchase this tool and boost your ranking. Since Semrush is providing many features to there customers at very cheap rates. 

Then you can also start ranking your articles and blogs by Semrush tool.


Do you want to rank your articles or blog in a google search engine? Or do you want to find high volume keywords or backlinks in easy ways? Then it would help if you bought ahrefs tool, which will do all your digital marketing work for you.

Ahref has complete Data of every website, which helps in finding what your competitors are using to rank. If you can invest some money in these tools, it will be beneficial to you only.

Many top digital marketers and affiliate marketers use this tool to rank there articles and blogs. If you also want to work for a long time and make a career in digital marketing, then you should use the Ahrefs tool.

If you buy Ahrefs tools online, it’s very costly, and mainly new users don’t have that much money to invest. If you buy this tool from the Ahrefs website, you get in more than 40,000 For six months. 

Keyword tool

Find high volume keywords for your articles, Blog, SEO, Fiverr, Amazon, and Youtube. You can find all those keywords on which you rank in your niche. This tool is beneficial in finding keywords.

Over here, you can do keywords research for any program Instagram, twitter, play store, bing, eBay, and many more are listed.

They also provide a free version, but if you want excess to all the features, then you will have to purchase their packages. You search for keywords according to the city and country too. This helps very much to work in a particular country.

In the free version, you can access all the keywords, but you can not find their search volume, CPC, competition, trend. You can see only one particular keyword with all the information.


If you buy from its official site, you will have to pay 5,666 Rs (76$) per month.


If you want to research on any keyword and find its volume. Then it would be best if you used Serpstat tool to do that work for you. You can find new relative keywords through this Serpstat tool.

This will cost you around 69$ per month if you use it through its official site.

This Serpstat tool will be beneficial for the beginners as this will no cost to high. 

So you can also rank your articles and blogs on google. Through high volume keywords by searching over here.


Search for high volume keywords by this fantastic tool Semscoop. You can do Seo and PPC specialists by own.

Many big affiliate and digital marketers use this tool to do their SEO work. 

Article Writing Tools


For writing SEO friendly articles for beginners, Grammarly is the best tool. You can improve your skills through Grammarly. It also shows all the wrong words written. You can also write an article as per your writing goals.

If you purchase this tool, it would be very beneficial for you only. It shows the score for your article. Grammarly also shows the engagement and clarity of your articles and blog. 

You can also check your vocabulary, unique words written. Your article performance, readability so you can work on it. This all factories will help you rank your articles. For Content writing, Grammarly is also the most necessary digital marketing tools required. 

Grammarly costs according to your needs on its official sites. This means they have different packages as per your goals. If you have a business, the charges will be a little bit different. You can also use the free version, but it’s not that too good, but it shows all the word corrections to be done.


WordAi a tool is generally used as article spinner. Over here, you have to paste any relevant article, and it will create a unique article.

WordAi is the most popular tool to generate articles out there. The word Ai stands for Artificial Intellingacy. If you buy this tool, it will be very profitable for you only. If you are new in digital marketing and don’t know a lot about articles and blog writing, then you should use this WordAi tool.


This tool is handy for writers as this tool will help you a lot. This tool will detect duplicate content and prevent plagiarism.
It will cost you around $9.99 pro membership.

SEO Tools


You can easily find trendy content over here. As buzzSumo is a researching tool and it also monitors all the activity. So you can find those topics which are trendy on social media. You have to paste your domain and your competitor domain to do that.

It will cost you around $99 to $499 as per the packages.

As it will be best for you only as digital marketing can not be done without tools proficiently. You have to invest some amount in the beginning as an investment.


It will help you to boost up your search engine ranking. Moz will help to grow your SEO strategies. It is an app which will provide you with all the facility for you developing your SEO skills.

It will cost you around $99 per month for pro membership. You are easily excess to the keyword explorer, link explorer, and web explorer. This tool is also very beneficial for new digital marketers. 


SpyFu is an American search analytic company. Shows those keywords which are mostly bought on Adwords and display within the search results. So if you also want to use this fantastic tool. If you’re going to buy this tool then it will cost you around $39 to $299 depends upon you.


Drive more traffic to your website through Alexa analytics. You can check your website traffic, ranking, Find SEO keywords, Audience Insight, and many more things over here.

This tool is also used by many freelancers and digital marketers to drive traffic on their websites.
As is not very costly and it is also a standard tool.


Do you want to increase the engagement of your audience with website ranking? So you use the Woorank tool to do that as this tool will help you to rank you on google as this tool keeps on every website by google’s eyes. So you can also get information about your competitors are doing to rank.

This tool will help you with on-page and off-page SEO too. So this will cost you $179 per month.
But you are going to gt this fantastic tool at the cost of $179 only.

Post Image Video Creating Tools


If you want to edit or create vectors or images for your blogs or articles. Then canva is the best tool for non-designers and official designers too as mostly this tool is used by those users, who don’t know a lot about photo editing. So this the best tool for beginners also. Because nowadays, users find it easy to learn or understand from pictures very fast.

If you go to purchase photoshop or illustrator, it costs more than 20 K Rs. So this tool is best for beginners as they have to do drag and drop.


Creat videos easily through Animoto for your blogs or articles. By doing this, you grab more attention to your website as this tool is straightforward to use. You can easily create any video by pictures.
You can create slideshows, ad music, and create an official video.


You can get easily creative info graphic ad visuals through this tool. This allows users to create graphics without valuable skills as this tool is also handy nowadays.


Picmonkey allows its users to create a professional image for there website easily. Their mission is to improve users who don’t have skills that are graphic. You can use this tool on your browser or Picmonkey app.

It’s very easy to use and everyone can use this very quickly. 

Learning Tools

If you want to learn about business, creative skills, Software, technology, you can learn all these skills from Lynda as this is an official website that is approved by the government.


If you want to learn proficiently, then Skillshare is the best tool. Over here, both teachers and students share their valuable knowledge. Professional users who are using the instructors’ platform can learn quickly by here.


As this tool will be also easy to use, you need not have professional skills for doing that as you can create banners, social media posts, Images, etc. quickly. You don’t need to have any skills to use these fantastic tools. 


If you use these tools as if you’re a beginner, then you can quickly start earning money online as a digital marketer needs a tool to grow there business fast. If you are willing to invest some amount in the begging I guaranty you it will never get wasted.

When I heard about this website, I went all the tools and started ranking quickly. It takes time in the begging, but you will get high returns in the future. So I will prefer you to buy these tools according to your need.

But it would be best if you purchased (Semrush, Grammarly, And Canva) As these three tools are also enough. But if you are willing to invest some extra amount then buy as per your need as I had given A short description of every tool.

You can read it and make your decision but the three tools which I mentioned know are the best digital marketing and keyword planner tool for beginners.

Disclaimer : The tools which we had published over here contains an affiliate link. By which we will be getting a small commission when you will purchase from the given link. You will not be charged for that commissioned. The service/product owner will provide use from their share.

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