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DigiStore24 – Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners

Start making money online with the best affiliate program by which you can make more than $1000 per month. It’s free and no need to get approval to use the account. With this amazing affiliate network, you can use it without any website easily. Plus it has enough products in a different category which can be beneficial for you.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

This affiliate program is similar to the ClickBank. Which is none other than Digistore24. Yes, this is only the best affiliate program to make a huge amount online. 

Why this affiliate program is best.

Since this affiliate program has many features for its affiliate promoters. Like you can get payout more than one time in a month. Plus there is a detailed analytics table to track your growth. It’s free and no need to get approval to promote any product.

Like on Clickbank, numerous users can not use that affiliate network in several countries. So this can be the best option for Clickbank. As many affiliate products of ClickBank also had moved to Digistore24. Isn’t that great?


This is the best affiliate network which is established in Germany. This can be used to promote all types of products. And by this, the product promoter gets a small commission from the sales which he makes. As there are many products on Digistore24 where you can get upto 80% commission from a single sale. Plus there also many subscription products that can be used to make money online by affiliate marketing.

This affiliate program is growing very fastly and countless online business is adding up their products and services over here. Which you can use to make money from it by promoting it with your affiliate links. 

How to get started?

To get the start over here it’s very simple a beginner also, can create his account and start promoting these products over here.

  • First, just signup with this affiliate network.
  • Then access to the affiliate board
  • From there visit the marketplace
  • Here you will be getting all types of products. Choose one which you can promote. 
  • Get your Affiliate link which will be on the right-hand side. 
  • Then start promoting it as you want. 

You can use many free methods to promote affiliate products online. Which we will be seeing over here. 

Many users use paid methods like, start promoting Digistore24 products by Facebook ads, Google ads, or any other ads network. This can be also useful for you just need to invest some amount. But if you can not afford this method then you can go with the freeways. 

Before this let’s know how to get that product which is really getting the sales and which can be easy ways for you to promote.

Over here we will be using some Digistore24 filter to get the exact high converting products. 

So for that follow these steps,

  • First access to the marketplace page. 
  • Then first you will see that product that is highly getting promoted by the affiliate marketers. 
  • If you want you can also go with these products. 
  • On that page, you will see a filter over it that says Sort by.
  • Over there you have to select ( Sort By: Cart Conversation ).
  • By this, you will get those products which are getting sale easily
  • But over here the product should be old and its cancellation rate should be also low. 

So by this method, we will be promoting that product which can get converted into sales easily. By this, we can earn a good commission by Digistore24. Over here you can also get that product which commission rate must be low. But those products are best to promote as it will be getting converted into sales for you directly.

If you want you can use some best freemium tools to mail the audience who are visiting your products. So the best E-mailing tool is Get Response which provides a free 30-day trial without any card. So you can use this to email your clients and get the product converted into a sale.

How to get free traffic

The main way to get free traffic is by social sites and answering sites. From here only you can drive huge traffic on your product and this can get easily purchased by the audience. 

Over here you can use the best social media account,

  • Pinterest – Over here it will take time but if you work for at least two to three months. After that, you can see huge traffic on your site or products easily.
  • Instagram – Best ways to get free traffic on your product plus quality traffic to get on your product which you are going to promote. Over here it just takes time to get many followers on your account.
  • Facebook – Get traffic on your product easily by Facebook posting your product and link on many Facebook pages and group as much you can. Just post on 10 groups from 1 account in an hour to not get banned by Facebook.

With these free social traffic methods, you can get quality traffic. But in these methods, you will be needing to create a website. Which you can do it on Wix, Blogger, or Google sites easily. And on Instagram, you can easily link the affiliate product directly easily.

  • Quora – Over here you can write the answer on some questions which are in your niche and promote your link. By this you will be getting quality traffic from Quora on your products. 

  • Medium – Here you will need to write a big blog and drive traffic on your affiliate products. This will also take some time to get results but it’s worth it.

These are some best methods to get free traffic on your products or site easily. So try this now and make money online by Digistore24 easily.

Detailed Infographic

digistore24 guide

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