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Create Free Website And Earn Money Online

Get detailed information to know how to create free website and earn money online from it. I am adding the best way which you can use without spending a single amount. So try out this amazing way and create your first free website which will also rank in any search engine.

create free website and earn money

The best part of the free website which we will be creating is that you will not need to create many backlinks to rank on google. Just you have to provide high-quality content on it to rank.

Create free website and earn money on google

Yes, you can create a free website on google easily. Without spending any amount. This will also rank your high-quality content on google and other search engines easily. As this is the best free website builder. 

Google Sites Features

  • Over here you can create your own websites.
  • Get some amazing tools to build your website.
  • Get a high DA website. 
  • No need to build backlinks.

This one is the best way to create free website and earn money online. You can start getting results within two to three months. just have to post high-quality content over here. 

How to get started

If you want to use google sites. To build your first best free website and earn money. 

  • Just search for google sites.
  • Then open a new project.
  • Get the theme which you like. 
  • Add your content and design it. 
  • Then publish it with the domain name you require. 

That is just you have to follow these steps to create free website and earn money from google sites. As you will also get to know how to create a website free of cost on google sites further easily.

If you have some amount then you can purchase your own domain according to your topic and join it with your google sites. But I will suggest you go with the google domain only. As its best tor rank higher in less time.

Set it up like a pro

After creating your sites on google for free. Know set it up as you want. Always use some images and visual effects to get a pro look. Just follow all the steps which you would do it on your main WordPress websites.

Like add your,

  1. Logo in the websites. 
  2. Add all the necessary pages. ( About us, contact us, Privacy Policy )
  3. Add High-quality images on the home page. 
  4. Create Menu on the homepage for your visitor. 

By this, you will get a look for your website like a pro. By this, you can also rank on google. If you apply the points which I mentioned are necessary to use. You will have to create pages and logos mainly for your website to give a look like a pro website. 

Use Google Analytics

You should use Google Analytics to track your website growth. By this, you can easily know the visitor who is visiting your website.

So you can easily grow and stay motivated. By Google analytics, you will know where the traffic is coming. You will get detailed information through analytics. 

So do add your website on google analytics.

Search Console

After adding your website on google analytics you should also add it on the google search console. By Google search console you can index your website and pages easily. I personally use this to index by website pages.

Plus over here also you get an idea from where your traffic is coming. By this, you can work on your website traffic. As Google Search console will also alert you if there are any errors on your website.

Monetizing Websites

Now know how to monetize your google sites. If you want to earn money then you will have to monetize your website with some best methods online. So let us know some best are real methods to monetize your websites.  

Affiliate Program

One of the best methods is to monetize your website is by affiliates only. By affiliates, you can earn a good amount. By affiliates, you will be earning from $200 to $1000 easily. As it depends all on your affiliate program. 

As there are many affiliate programs that pay 50% to 40% commission on selling there products or services. So you can also do that and earn from it.

So just you will have to seek for those affiliates program on google. Just search on google regarding your ( topic ) and add ( best affiliates program ). You will get some ideas regarding your niche by this you will know about that affiliate program. 

You can use some popular affiliates program which I used, 

  1. Amazon affiliates. 
  2. Clickbank. 
  3. SEO tools affiliates. 
  4. Web hosting affiliates. 

As I had used this affiliates program to earn money. Since the SEO tools and web hosting affiliate program are the best program to use nowadays. As they pay a very high amount to there affiliate users.

Other Best Free Website Builders

You can additionally use some more best website builders. Which you can use to rank on google and earn. These are also the best ways to create a free website. 


  1. WordPress 
  2. Blogger 
  3. Wix 

These are the free methods that I had also used. But it takes time to get results over here. So I moved on to the Google sites. It’s on you to create a website for free online. 

You can also then move on to WordPress after you start earning on from the google sites. If you require web hosting in feature, then find some best deals about the web hosting over here now.

So this was the best way to create free website and earn money online. So use this opportunity and build your own free website to earn money online now. Google sites are the best option to build a free site. 

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