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Chicago Bears Vs New England Patriots 33-14

This game was played in the stadium Gillette stadium between the bears and the patriots.

As per the score line you can see Chicago bears won this game easily and also dominated the game and scored in every round.

This is the scoreline of this NFL match.

chicago bears vs new england patriots
Image Credits – CHICAGO BEARS Instagram

Chicago Bears Scoreline

First Round – 10

Second Round – 10

Third Round – 6

Fourth Round – 7

The Total Points Of Chicago Bears = 33

New England Patriots Scoreline

In the first third and fourth rounds, they did not score any points.

They only scored in the second round total 14 points.

The team stats of this game.

Chicago bears team stats

They completed 390 total yards and their rushing yards were also good 243.

Their yards per play was about 5.6 and the passing yards were 147.

Patriots team stats

Their passing yards were 190 and their total yards were 260.

Their rushing yards are 70 which is very low and their yards per play was about 5.4.

So as you can see Chicago bears completely dominated this game.

Bears Passing Stats Of Players

Justin Fields13/2117911

Patriots Passing Stats Of Players

Bailey Zappe14/2218512
Mac Jones3/61301

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