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Can You Earn By Video Editing

Can you really make money by Fiverr Upwork or freelancer by video editing?

Get a detailed guide and know how the top Fiverr sellers are earning from this gig on this highly crowded freelancing website which is Fiverr and earn by video editing.

I had done a deep study from some of the youtube interviews and some of the gigs which are listed on these freelancing websites and created this blog post for you guys.

So you will know how to do they make money from it and how much time is required in this process for beginners to start generating money from it easily.

So Fiverr is one of the best freelancing sites over here you earn what you are cable of if you pay the right efforts and have the patience in you.

Earn By Video Editing

So let’s get into it and know how to earn by video editing online on Fiverr easily.

So know at this time when I am writing this blog post on video editing earning, methods, and the reality of Fiverr there are more than 50,000 gigs available on Fiverr.

Where sellers are offered from $5 to max $100 and above also so some are getting paid for small work $5 so some are getting this amount paid for the bigger project also.

So every new seller is first trying to provide their services at a very cheap cost so they can grow their profile and then sell these services only which are been sold ant $5 to $50 easily in feature.

Now over here you will need to do these steps ready before creating your very first gig on Fiverr.

  • Create high-quality GIG thumbnails and intro video,
  • Write a detailed gig description and you have to search for tags ( keywords for the gig )

Just remember that you will have to create your own thumbnail and write on your own description don’t compy or use other data on your gig which you will create in the starting.

Know let’s know how much are users earning from it.

Fiverr Earning Examples

There is this user called ( kylin_nelson ) who have,

  • Started – 2020 November
  • Got orders – More than 157 in just 9 months
  • In the first month – 5 Orders only
  • Second month – Only two or four
  • Third month – More than 10 orders
  • Gig – Six Gigs in which three are performing were well and the rest three are not providing that many orders
  • Profile – Well set and filed all the options in detailed
  • Rating – 5 Star on mostly all their Gigs

So if you also want to earn a good amount from, video editing then you will also have to be patient and provide time to your Fiverr account and wait for those opportunities then only you can make this has a business for a longer time.

Online work is a long terms process if you do it correctly from the beginning by providing time and applying what you have learned.

This one profile which I visited on Fiverr who has.

Just 100 orders.

Which are active from October 2018 ( mdpfootage ) so not everyone will get the same results.

There will be also many who will be getting more than 50 or 100 orders also in a month but it takes time to see results.

So keep working on these best freelancing platforms.

Now let’s see Youtube Interview

Now let’s see one of the interviews which will provide you more detailed knowledge about this Fiverr freelancing in video editing services.

So over here basically the Fiverr freelancer who earns from this video editing services had told how many times it toke who he is also getting orders besides this big freelancing website which I think every new freelancer also does.

So every new freelancer should start with social media platforms also which are very popular and easy to grow also.


  • Instgram
  • Pinterest

These are the best two platforms which I think as Pinterest is very easy and you can get very high visitors on your gigs or you can easily promote any of your services over here and then on Instagram you can create reels and get orders from them.

So this interview is taken by Ishan Sharma who is a YouTuber and a freelancer. Over here I liked these three questions which are,

How to stand out on Fiverr Upwork and freelancer easily.

In short, he said that we should also bring clients from outside of Fiverr so our Fiverr profile can grow and we can also receive orders from Fiverr itself.

The Second one was Secret ways to get freelancer clients.

So this question will solve your first question query which is that you should use Facebook or other social media sources like I also sometimes have drive clients from Facebook groups to my Fiverr gig. So use Facebook groups easily for clients.

The last one is whether buyers’ requests work or not.

So this works for some and for some not. A short answer and it’s also correct so stop working on the Fiverr buyer’s request and drive the client from outside.

Now just watch this video completely and learn from this video as it’s best for video editing freelancers as they will get a detailed guide and know everything from the person who had earned from this service.

Ishan Sharma

This blog post was just to clear your doubts about freelancing earnings by some of the freelancers who are really making money out of this series.

So let me know your questions and know any other services requires you want our not so your douts can get cleared.

And yes this will take time for some of the freelancers to start earning from it.

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