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Earn 1000 $ by Amazon Affiliate program without any investment for beginners

amazon affiliate

Earn 1000 $ per month by amazon affiliate without any investment as we had earned by using specific tips and tricks to earn money online by the amazon affiliate program. You don’t need to invest any money to start your earning online.

I had been using this free app and tools for numerous years. When I heard about the Amazon affiliate program, I besides want to start but couldn’t effort the prices of the domain and hosting to buy.

So once I was learning digital marketing and affiliates. I noted an awfully distinctive and secure methodology to begin my affiliate journey. At no cost with none investment. Now you must be wondering how can this be possible as it’s straightforward to earn by amazon affiliates. You all use those apps and websites every day. But you do not know the trick on how to scale your making from it.

Like if you are using youtube, facebook, or any other social media account. You can see creators posting content about fashion, gadgets, mobile, or any different niches. As they all have a good following (subscribers) on their account what they do is very simple; they will provide very high-quality content to there viewers. So the people who are browsing or viewing their account or channel. They become their followers or subscribe. .

So they have a very high level of viewers and buyers on their account. Were they could promote there amazon affiliates links and earn money.

How to use the Amazon Affiliate Program

Here I will tell you all about how can you use amazon affiliates. I will explain it to you step by step. So you can understand it very well. 

First, let’s talk about the Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon affiliate or amazon associates is an affiliate program as this is free for everyone. If you have a website or any other promoting strategy, you can start earning from here.

amazon affiliate program

You will need to promote the amazon links. So when a customer buys from your affiliates links, you will get a small commission. 

Amazon has numerous tools that can be helpful to you to promote the links. They additionally have many terms and conditions, which you should additionally keep in mind. 


How to become an Amazon Affiliate Member.

First – Sign up with

Second – Create an account for free.

Third – Add all the details correctly.

Fourth – Fill all the questions which will be asking you about niches you want to work on. From where will your organic traffic come. This is very important, or amazon can ban your account.

Fifth – Start promoting products by amazon affiliate links.


What are the rates of commission here

Amazon’s commission rates keep on changing. If you want to know the correct prices, then visit advertising fee student. You will get accurate proportions.

You should as well see over there on which products you will not receive any commissions. Like the products which do not need any promotion. They will not pay you any commissions on those products.

But you can earn easily more than 1000 $ dollars per month at starting if you have a website.

As we are going to do without any investment, we will besides be earning about 1000  with free and organic traffic.

Free amazon affiliates promoting the platform

Now I am going to tell you a particular open promoting platform. To start earning money online by amazon affiliates program.

Free amazon affiliates promoting


The best Social media platform is Facebook to promote your products. Where you can additionally develop your link and gain your customers (followers). 

As on Facebook, you can add numerous links from where you can generate your affiliate income. You will need to work hard at starting to grow your Facebook page or group. 

So how can you grow your Facebook page or group? First, you will need to choose your niche on which you will work. Then search the accessible pages and groups with huge followers. 

Use these hashtags on your post from which you can engage more followers on your account. Try sending the request to there followers to follow your page. 

Tag them in your post every day. Use an individual best extension to do that as there are many extensions available on the internet for free. 

Keep your account or group active daily. Try posting unique and extraordinary posts and images if you are working on a fashion niche. Then Post various famous and cool outfits with there amazon affiliates links.

Just keep in mind you will need first to grow your facebook groups or page. Then you will need to post at the next level, which no one are doing. Just try to do something extraordinary. Which other creators are not doing.


Instagram is now growing day by day. Numerous are now using Instagram than facebook. But there is a problem that you will get one place where you can add a link. 

But we had come out with that problem too. If you have huge followers on your Instagram account, you can surely generate certain online earning through amazon affiliate marketing.

So how to do that, you will need to create a free website on bloggers or Wix. Where you can add numerous links, you want. This website is free and very easy to use. You can besides search on youtube on how to use these sites.

Just create an account on these websites. Make an attractive website and add all the content about your niche.

After this, you will need traffic. So search for the accounts on Instagram related to your niche. Then Start following their followers as when they will visit your account. 

They will find out useful content on your account and follow you. Do this still, and you will reach 10k on your Instagram account.

Use various trendy hashtags and tags to increase your posts likes. From this, your followers will get to know about your account. 



If you are using telegram, then you can additionally start promoting your amazon affiliates link over here.
Create a group and start selling products over there. Just it’s a little hard to gain followers over here.
If you can spend various money and promote your telegram account, you can gain followers as numerous users are earning by telegram right nowadays by amazon affiliate marketing strategy.
Now there are numerous videos on youtube from where you can learn how to increase telegram followers.
As you can as well try these tricks like. Keep your group username, which very can find easily. Check your keyword search volume and try to use those usernames for your account.


If you want USA followers and want to work on a particular international niche. Then Pinterest is the best social account to use. Pinterest is most popular over there. 

Pinterest allows you to add numerous links in their posts. Where you can add links related to the job, you can as well add many website links in your bio. 

Many Pinterest pictures more overrank on Google Image. It’s beneficial to you bring organic traffic. 

If you additionally follow the users who are supporting those accounts or pages related to your niche. Then you can besides grow your account over here as this trick works.

Post pin with a description mentioning about your post and add the Amazon affiliate link in it. 

If you do this, you can as well start earning money online. This takes time, but it’s worth it. If you start making various money over here, you can buy a hosting and domain as we did.

So then to do this, you will need to find various keywords for your niche. Write certain unique articles. Optimize your post correctly. 


Growing on youtube is a little bit of hard nowadays. But if you have huge subscribers on your youtube account. You can promote those links in the youtube description.
Try to promote those link which are related to your niche( video topic). If you do that, there is a high per cent chance that the viewer will buy a product from that link.
You can additionally add any other link too. But providing the link related to your niche increases your chances.
To grow your youtube channel, you can use numerous extensions and websites.

High volume Keywords

To increase the traffic on your website, you will need to find a high volume keyword. So to do this, there are numerous websites on which you can search keywords.

Keyword Planner

As there are numerous paid versions available online. Where you will need to buy there subscription-like (Ahrf) is the best one. But its costly also every one can’t effort it.
But there are besides free website too. Which are additionally best and provide the same results.

Ubbersuggest (Nile Patel)

This website is best to research keyword volume for free. It as well has numerous free features in it like you can see there top pages, Keywords used for ranking, SEO difficulty, etc.
Ubbersuggest is best to find backlinks as well. This can additionally be used to find the volume of the keyword according to the country. If you want to work on international products, then this one is best, like ahrefs.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is used to run adds. This website is of google itself. So it’s straightforward to find keywords that can be used to rank. 

So if you are using a keyword planner, you must be knowing this website very well. What we have to do is that first find keywords from Ubbersugest with high volume. 

Then check those Ubbersuggest analytic are correct or not. Like, check its search volume, so difficulty, etc. This all can be found on google keyword planner. 

This will be very helpful to you to grow your amazon affiliate program. You can besides use this for digital marketing too. So then to earn money online, you can follow all these tips and tricks easily. 



If you had read this complete article. Then you must be knowing how to grow your amazon affiliate program and earn money online from it. 

So now, in short, I am going to tell you how to use this correctly and fast. 

First, make an Instagram account and work hard on Instagram. Try to complete your 10 k Followers in two months. But keep posting various individual posts over there. Try at least to post five to eight jobs daily. With high-quality hashtags and tags. 

Then create a facebook page and add those Instagram posts over there. You can as well increase your facebook followers to earn fast. Use some extension to that, e.g., facebook toolkit is best. Then keep your facebook and Instagram account linked together. 

Add Instagram link in facebook page bio and facebook link in your Instagram bio as you will get only one option to add a link to the Instagram account. 

Then add your Instagram and facebook link on your amazon affiliate marketing website. Were they ask from where you will generate your organic traffic.

 This is very important, or your account can get banned. When your amazon affiliate account will see the traffic is coming from different sites which you had not to mention. 

Then keep posting on Facebook and Instagram daily, as we said. Just sell those products according to your niche. 

If you follow all this trick, you can earn money online via amazon affiliate marketing. We had additionally earned by this method in starting. 

Also learn about digital marketing to grow your affiliates online. 

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