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After LSUs national title victory, Angel Reese defends a gesture made in the direction of Caitlin Clark

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after being “unapologetically” her she calls out the double standard

Reese was seen approaching Clark before making the “you can’t see me” motion made famous by WWE star John Cena and pointing to her ring finger which some saw as an allusion to where her recently acquired championship ring may be.

The act has generated a lot of discussion particularly on social media. Reese has come under fire from some while others have justified her conduct by pointing out that there was no backlash following Clarks gesture earlier in the competition.

Although former ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann referred to Reese as a “idiot” for the gesture sports columnist Jose de Jesus Ortiz labeled his actions “classless.”

“I received criticism for who I am all year long. I don’t fit the story” Reese said. I don’t belong in the category that you all want me to. Too good is me. I’m too urban. Youve been telling me that all year. Nevertheless, when others do it you guys say nothing.

“So this is for the females that resemble me. For individuals who wish to speak up in defense of their beliefs. Without apology its you. And for that reason, I completed it tonight. Tonight it was larger than I was. And each time Twitter will erupt in wrath.

Reese received the title of Womens March Madness Most Outstanding Player with 15 points and 10 rebounds in the 102-85 victory.

Youre down by 15 points Clark told a rival during the same game. The Bleacher Report quotes the phrase “Shut up.”

Caitlin Clark is a fantastic player but Reese remarked “I don’t take disrespect lightly.” “She treated [LSUs Alexis [Morris] disrespectfully (…) and I wanted to rob her.” But at the conclusion of the game, I had a thought. It was in my backpack and the present.

At the post-game news conference Clark stated “I was just trying to go to the handshake line shake hands and be happy that my team was in that position.” “LSU deserves all the praise in the world. They were outstanding. They are due it. They enjoyed a fantastic season.

Nevertheless, I honestly have no idea. I was only attempting to enjoy my final few seconds on the floor, especially with the five teammates with whom I had started 93 games.

ESPNs Holly Rowe and ex-NBA player Etan Thomas were among those supporting Reese on social media.

“People are criticizing Caitlin Clark or Angel Reese. Stop. Young women who are unapologetically self-assured should be admired not despised. Prepare yourselves” Rowe said on Twitter.

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