Top 20 Data Entry Jobs To Work From Home During LockDown Without Any Investment

Do work from home jobs and earn money online through data entry jobs easily.

These are the usual outstanding jobs in the world.

Since this doesn’t require either freakish knowledge or you can also learn this from YouTube or by several paid courses online itself.

data entry jobs

We will be sharing with you remarkable fantastic data entry jobs, plus from where you can earn money effortlessly.

As for you, I will likewise be attaching some free courses which are presently available on YouTube to learn it quickly.

So from these services, you can earn up to $200 in the beginning instantly (by working daily and getting orders for a month).

As I am not simulating with you any big digital because, in the beginning, it requires patience to obtain from any online jobs.

Since data entry jobs are the most ordinarily sold service at tremendous rates, plus its requirements are worldwide.

First, let’s discuss some types of data entry jobs available worldwide.

There are various types of data entry jobs available online, so I will suggest some best out of them so you will not get confused and earn huge amounts easily.

So stay tuned and read the complete article to know the exact steps.

Stock Data Entry Jobs

So one of the several common, plus mostly utilized methods by every company or brand to keep the records.

Over here, you have to manage data of all those products.

All the products with their specifications are held at one place for easy excess in the feature to know all the expenses and profits.

As this one is mostly outsourced jobs for freelancers.

Manual Data Entry Jobs

manual data entry jobs

There exist several data entry jobs done manually on paper, so to convert them into digital format, this manual data entry comes in handy.

Over here, you have to note down all the listings on the computer accurately without any grammar or spelling mistakes.

As the manually generated works are also very beneficial for the clients.

Data Capturing Jobs

Over here, the data captured jobs signify those which are not done instantly.

The data is not established on the computer, plus it will be performed after some time as it is necessary.

This is likewise known as converting hard copies to soft copies. There exists lots of data capturing jobs online also.


accounting jobs

One of the regular data entry jobs this one is commonly utilized by the company.

You have to maintain the company data for an entire year without any mistakes.

As in the ending, it is beneficial for them while paying taxes or to indicate their profits and loss statements.

Many big companies hire or outsource these jobs.

Online Work

online work

If you want to work from home and earn money, then try these unusual online data entry jobs.

Over here, you have to do work on any website where the clients hire you to maintain or arrange their complete data correctly.

You can find these jobs on Fiverr data entry services or on upwork.

Where worldwide freelancers are hired to do online jobs.

Offline Data Work

offline data work

You can also do this by gathering clients on your own which are nearby your residence.

Like any hotels, shop, restaurants or pubs as they also require to maintain their data entry works.

They also pay very high rates to the users who are providing them with genuine services.

Offline work additionally can be managed from home after you gather amazing tremendous clients quickly.

It will require some time for that only.

Handwritten Data Work

The work which has been done on paper like cheques, bills, payments, forms, invoice and many more.

Those kinds of formats need to be converted digitally into a particular place.

So you can seek for any data in the feature easily known as Handwritten Data Entry jobs.

Insurance Work

Data entry work of those claims which has to be passed on to make final payments and keep the data of those are known as Insurance data work.

This job is the most complicated job as you have to seek all those claims and bills correctly to pass the exact figure to the claim provider.

Offline digital data entry services

Mostly some data is prepared on the paper so to maintain that data, a company hires freelancers to convert it digitally so it can be used in the feature.

As this one is the most common data entry job which you can easily do as we said.

Mailing and Listing

One of the most available data entry jobs in the world.

Where you have to maintain the emails and names of the users so you can mail them without any overlaps easily.

This is most commonly used by digital marketers or any users to promote any services by gathering emails and names of peoples.

Now let’s discuss how you can earn money online from data entry jobs efficiently.

As there exist plenty of options from where, we can utilize them moreover make the right amount in the following month.


Although you will likewise have to struggle hard to earn money from it as nothing is obtainable online in remarkable days.

There is enormous competition out there in the world.

Although I will be reviewing incredible points toward which you should focus on to make money in 2021 easily.

Fiverr Jobs

fiverr data entry jobs

Fiverr data entry jobs are demanding the best opportunity to start over here you can seek for all sorts of work quickly.

On Fiverr earning money is a little bit tough, but if you work hard, you can easily earn up to $400 to $1600 per month from Fiverr data entry jobs from home.

If you also want to earn from Fiverr data entry jobs, then I have also given a piece of complete information on how you can rank on fiverr gig easily and make money from any services.

Freelancing Data Entry

freelancing data entry jobs

Best option is to earn money online by data entry jobs as I mentioned you can make from Fiverr data entry jobs which is a freelancing site.

As also there are many more freelancing sites where you can make money via data entry jobs easily like Upwork, people per hour, freelancing, and many more where freelancers work worldwide.

On a monthly basis or on a particular project and earn massive amounts easily.

LinkedIn Jobs

linkedIn jobs

Over here, you can find several data entry jobs easily worldwide.

Linkedin also provides top data entry jobs nearby so you can grab those unusual jobs and work from home with any company or brand efficiently.

I would prefer you to also check some unusual jobs over here as Linkedin also offers you to earn money online easily.

Freelancer Site Jobs

freelancer site jobs

So get online data entry jobs on freelance sites where you can do work from home jobs easily.

As this is the prevailing popular site like fiverr data entry jobs.

So I will also prefer this fantastic site to work and earn money.

Over here, there exist plenty of opportunities to work on.

Including all these signifies an excellent chance where you can generate real money like other sites.

Shine Workplace

Over here, you get hired via a specific company to work for them from home and earn money or through their office.

You can especially make the right amount if you can join a company and work for them while shine provides all kinds of job vacancies which you should also look for nearby you.

So if there are any data entry jobs you should try them if they are okay for you and pay a good amount.

Indeed Data Entry Works

Get hired by some company to do data entry work efficiently.

Businesses place job vacancies for their company where anyone can apply for those jobs easily.

So try any data entry work on Indeed quickly.

You can likewise get online jobs immediately where you will have to do work from home jobs.

As indeed presents worldwide job vacancy, therefore you similarly work with international business efficiently.

Clickworker Jobs

If you want to do work from home, then register with the Clickworker program.

As over here, you will get to do micro tasks like data entry, research, writing and translating.

From doing these jobs, you will get paid a small number of dollars per post.

But to register you have to pass skill requirements on Clickworker site.

Dion Data Solutions

Over here you will get hired by Dion Data Solution itself you should hold a little knowledge plus experience in this plus they also provide free training after you are hired.

This site additionally needs fast typing speed users for their jobs.

You will also be asked for documents which you will have to submit on the website itself.

Basically they will hire you to work for them so if they require any users you should apply for it.

Free Courses

Get data entry free courses from this fantastic YouTube channel where data entry courses have been provided for free.

You can learn from over here and start earning online quickly.

So I will prefer you to first determine the data entry completely then only start your career in this field.

CreditNew-Tech Online Training

You will get some best updates over there regarding data entry jobs.

Mostly Asked Questions

Data entry jobs are basic now as anyone can do it quickly.

It’s a process where you have to input all the offline, paperwork or data into digital form in the computer.

So you can quickly get a piece of accurate information about it into the features.

It’s just helpful to maintain overall information into a digital file.

In this, you don’t require any tremendous skills, you have to produce a good typing speed and have to fill correct details into it as if it’s on paper or offline.

If you want to do data entry jobs, then you will have to first work on your typing speed, knowledge, spellings so you can easily do this data entry jobs.

Just for that if you are doing as a freelancer, you will have to get detailed information from your client regarding the project, and you will have to fill the report as per your clients demand in which format they require.

You will have to do this on Microsoft Excel so you can show the complete information point to point. 

Data entry jobs from home are those jobs which you can quickly get on any freelancing site or from any online clients of your which you can manage from home.

Also, provide them the actual work which they require. It’s very easy to do data entry jobs from home nowadays.

It would help if you have a PC or laptop and an internet connection for it. 

You can easily earn $10 per data entry job online as it’s possible on many freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can also check it out.

Over there you can quickly get paid high amounts for your projects.

Upwork is best to get data entry jobs at present where you can work for months or on a single project worldwide. 

Data entry jobs work for those people who want information which was stored in different formats into one single digital format so they can have a quick look on their profit and loss or maintain their data of their business easily. 

Data entry work is useful for companies and any businessman who requires to have their complete information about their growth and loss as we can say as it’s done mostly to know this information.